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Knitter's Pride - The Marblz Collection
Marblz Needles not just eye candy 5 out of 5 stars
Despite my aversion to plastic needles, I decided to throw caution to the wind and order the Marblz interchangeables solely because I couldn't resist the colors.They were like a siren song that kept me awake at night trying to decide whether or not to take the leap. To quiet my brain, I went ahead and went for it, and I'm so glad I did. These are first class needles, no plasticky feel at all.The acrylic texture is firm and smooth they do not bend at all while you are knitting with them. I cast on a worsted wool scarf to see if they would prove too sticky for wool. Not so! They have enough grab to hold the yarn, but not too much so that you have to scoot the wool along with your finger. They have a warm, smooth feel in your hands, and knit very much like Knitters Pride wooden needles.The joins are smooth just like the other KP interchangeable sets. I own sets that cost three times as much, but the Marblz are definitely the most fun needles in my tool box. I get happy just looking at them. Highly recommend!
By nonstopknitter on Nov 15, 2014 78 found this review helpful
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Lantern Moon - Rosewood Interchangeable Needle Set
Creme de la Creme 5 out of 5 stars
These are the most beautiful needles I have ever seen or handled! Unmistakable quality through and through from the silky smooth finish on the wood to the elegant brass connections. I never thought I would spend that much cash on needles, but I got a deal on an ebony set, so I splurged. When I discovered how much I enjoyed knitting with them, even just gazing upon them, I had to acquire a rosewood set as well.I have had absolutely no issues with the connections working loose, the cables twisting or breaking, or the needles splintering. In my opinion, both sets were money well spent by the consummate knitter who appreciates quality and is willing to pay for it.
By nonstopknitter on Feb 16, 2012 90 found this review helpful
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Namaste - The Monroe
You have to get this bag! 5 out of 5 stars
I'm not really a bag person. Cheap totes are perfectly functional for me. So it took several months of thinking and admiring before I was willing to let go of $75 that could have been spent on yarn to buy a bag instead. When I opened the box, my heart sang! This bag is awesomely beautiful and well made. So well designed,and the quality is first-rate. I can carry two projects and my everyday purse essentials, and the pocket on the back will hold my pattern. The only problem is now I want one in every single color. Absolutely love the lime green, too. I've already ordered another in eggplant.
By nonstopknitter on Jan 21, 2011 5 found this review helpful
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Lorna's Laces - Shepherd Sock
My Little Monthly Luxury 5 out of 5 stars
Shepherd Sock is a top-notch yarn, one of the softest and most durable on the market. I've been knitting socks with it since the mid-nineties when I first discovered it, and I'm still wearing every pair. Add to that kind of solid reputation Jimmy's fantastic limited edition color line and you truly have a winner! Every month is something new and different and you can treat yourself for just a bit of cash if you go the sock route. With over a hundred colorways, I don't know how Lorna's keeps it fresh, but they always are coming out with a new colorway to die for!
By nonstopknitter on Nov 07, 2009 0 found this review helpful
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