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All Reviews Written by "MishiMam"

Shibui Knits - Staccato
Not very good... 3 out of 5 stars
I was so impressed with this yarn until I washed it, then what a surprise. I have never had a yarn expand so much when it hit water, but since learned that this feature is called: bloom. More like explosion... Purchase the chrome, a really pretty pearl grey and worked a scarf in double strand,-looked really beautiful as it was being worked into a mock cable rib with a few Y/O holes for lightness. Number 8 needles. Perfect tension I thought. I even tried a swatch in 7's but the sample was too tight. I thought. Then it came time to wash and poof, it spread out to double it's size, never to go back to quite the same springiness and bounce as originally knit. I guess it was the 30% silk, although I'm not really certain. It was kind of like buying a yardage of some substantial cotton fabric, only to have it go all limp when you washed because all the body came from sizing. If you really want to use this, I would strongly suggest going down at least to a 6 needle for double thread, and if you feel it's too tight, don't worry about it. It will loosen up by leaps and bounds.
By MishiMam on Feb 24, 2013 48 found this review helpful
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Blue Sky Fibers - Worsted Hand Dyes
Beautiful but chunkier than expected 4 out of 5 stars
Nothing wrong with this yarn, in fact, the Iris is beautiful but when knitted, I got a much heavier look than the worsted rating of 4 to the inch that it carries. More like 3.5 on 9's and almost a Chunky.
By MishiMam on Jan 21, 2013 29 found this review helpful
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