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Photo Gallery from the 2007 Emmys SwagSuite

We attended the 2007 Emmys SwagSuite to give away knitting gift packs to celebrities. All of the celebrities we met were really great -- especially all the guys we asked to learn to knit for charity. We were knitting on a celebrity scarf to be auctioned off for charity and every guy we asked to try out knitting said, "Yes"! I'm not sure they were bitten by the knitting bug, but they sure were good sports!
We took both our organic dishcloth kits as well as our organic market bag kits to give away. Everyone was excited about the idea of not only using organic yarn, but knitting with a "go green" purpose in mind -- actually using the knitted items to reduce consumption of disposables. It sure was exciting!!
We hope you enjoy the photos! Click through every photo with the next button, or click on a thumbnail to go directly to a photo.

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Anthony Anderson
(K-Ville, Transformers, The Shield)
"My grandmother taught me to knit..."

Anthony Anderson<br> (K-Ville, Transformers, The Shield)<Br>"My grandmother taught me to knit..."

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Celebrities knitting!
Scott Baio
(Arrested Development, Diagnosis Murder, Charles in Charge, Happy Days)
His pregnant girlfriend (Renee Sloan) remarked "I want to learn how to knit. Maybe Scott's mom can teach me - I would LOVE a knitting kit!"Kenny Johnson<br>
(Saving Grace, The Shield)
<br>"My wife knits all the time. She is going to love this - I'd love to give her this!"Hal Sparks (and Suss Cousins)
(Talk Soup)
"You better take this back before I mess it up too much!"
Kevin Sorbo
(Hercules)Tim Daly <br>
Tim told us that he's the knitter in the family - and he proved it! He picked up the needles and knitted like the wind! He made me look like a new knitter!Here's me on Monday after the event - on the Reno Morning News Show. Suss gave me the green sweater that's hanging on the chair - gorgeous!
Ursula Burton<br>
(The Office)<br>"I used to knit, but haven't in awhile. Can I knit on the scarf? Or is it just for men?.... I love this!! This is so great!!"Here's me with the Blue Sky Organic CottonZee James<br>(Everybody Hates Chris)
Here's Suss with our Market Bag - Although she doesn't do much felting, she said that she was inspired by our bag... !!Sarah Clarke (24) wanted the Yellow Palm Leaf Tote - She and Suss debated over which was their favorite... and yellow won out!Sarah Clarke from 24 and our Organic Market Bag!
Suss Cousins and Sarah Clarke (24)Scott Baio<br>
(Arrested Development, Diagnosis Murder, Charles in Charge, Happy Days)<br>
His pregnant girlfriend (Renee Sloan) remarked "I want to learn how to knit. Maybe Scott's mom can teach me - I would LOVE a knitting kit!"Sarah Clarke and Suss Cousins<br>(24)<br>
"I learned to knit a year ago [from Suss] and I love it!"
Sam Jaeger<br>
(Eli Stone, Lucky Number Slevin)Omarosa<br>
(The Apprentice)<br>
"I'm a 4-H girl! This is a great table - knitting is wholesome and I love to see wholesome products at events like this. I only want to knit with organic yarns - my whole house is green! And I want everyone to know that I knit!"Marylu Henner<br>(Taxi)  <br>"I only knit with organic yarns - this is great!"
Patricia Kara
<br>(Deal or No Deal)<br>"My mom is going to love this! She has been wanting me to learn to knit for a long time."Judd Nelson<br> (Suddenly Susan, St Elmos Fire, The Breakfast Club)
<br>Said that he's now determined to learn how to knit - he said he has to conquer everything he tries!Sean Kanan<br>
(The Bold and The Beautiful)<br>"Are you knitting? That's HOT!"
Yazmin Hanani<br>(The Kingdom)James Kyson Lee<br>(Heroes)Ernie Hudson<br>(Desperate Housewives, Oz, The Crow, Ghost Busters)<br>
"My wife is always knitting... ok - now I see how hard this is!"
Driton "Tony" Dovolani<br>
(Dancing With The Stars)
<br>"My grandmother taught me how to knit. She used to make me sweaters. They were very itchy,  but I wore them anyway because she made them for me. This is very cool."Dania Ramirez & Rachel Nicks<br>
(Heroes, Sopranos, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Life Support, A Good Man is Hard To Find)
<br>"they all knit on the set - I can't wait to start on a baby blanket [as a gift for someone]!"Christopher McDonald<br> (Happy Gilmore, & Over 85 films)<br>"My wife knits all of the time - she would LOVE one of these bags. I can't thank you enough."
Christian Clemenson<br>
(Boston Legal)<br>
"I've knit a sweater before!"Cheryl Hines
<br>(Curb Your Enthusiasm)Anthony Anderson<br> (K-Ville, Transformers, The Shield)<Br>"My grandmother taught me to knit..."
Aubrey Dollar<br>Women's Murder Club
Michael Weaver<br>(Notes from the Underbelly, CSI)Kate Linder<br>(Young & The Restless)Patrika Darbo from Days of Our Lives was so giddy, she could hardly stand it. "All of the girls on the set knit - and i love it!"
Annie Wood<br>
(Good Luck Chuck)
Special thanks to the following companies for helping to make the gift bags possible -- Lantern Moon, Blue Sky Alpacas, Crystal Palace Yarns, Nashua (Westminster Fibers), and Vogue.