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All reviews written by: Celiza

 Incredible 1 of 3 
 Review by: Celiza Oct 22, 2012 
 Rating: 5 out of 5 (5 out of 5)
 Product reviewed: Clover - Tapestry Needle Set - Chibi - Tapestry Needle Set - Bent Tip (3121)
These needles are SO lightweight, yet strong. The feel in your hand is effortless, and they glide through yarn like a knife through butter. The bent tips are precise and produce far less strain on your hand than a bendy needle plastic that resists. The largest size in this set may not, however, be as effective as a plastic darning needle for the bulky yarn or if you are doubling or tripling up on strands. Other than that, these are simply a dream. The case they come in has a screw-on cap, and it is just wonderful for organization and travel. Never lose darning needles again! I am so glad I listened to the reviews and bought these. If you're considering them, and want your ends to be woven in as much as you can, don't hesitate to get these. I plan on getting an extra set later, Jimmy Beans Wool has the best price I've found anywhere.
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  2 of 3 
 Review by: Celiza Sep 27, 2012 
 Rating: 2 out of 5 (2 out of 5)
 Product reviewed: Addi - Addi Lace Click - Short Tips
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 Addi Click Lace Needles 3 of 3 
 Review by: Celiza May 31, 2012 
 Rating: 2 out of 5 (2 out of 5)
 Product reviewed: Addi - Addi Lace Click - Short Tips
I bought an extra pair of these to see if it'd be worthwhile to invest in a set. So glad I tried them first! These are just awful on my hands. It's not the point, which is fine pointy but not as sharp as another cheaper brand, it's not the coating - the taper is an improvement in what I'm looking for and the nickel coating never fails to disappoint... The problem for me personally is that the length of the needle is WAY too short! I'm a woman and I don't have large hands, my hands are medium sized and these needles have caused a lot of pain in both hands while knitting I don't have arthritis or anything, especially in the thumb area and surrounding regions. The problem is that I've had to carefully adjust how I knit in order to keep the click attachment on the cord I purchased with these from popping out. Because the needles are so short I cannot comfortably hold these without, during knitting, the join jamming into my palm and unclicking itself it presses in, then twists by motion of my knitting, causing me to constantly lose my work, sometimes even when knitting tensely and cautiously - which is never fun. Overall very unhappy with the Addi Lace Click Interchangeable. I would not purchase these again, however I may consider the new Lace Click set which is longer and should hopefully not have this problem. I tried these because of the problem with screw-on interchangeables always coming loose when I knit.
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