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How to do a Mattress Stitch

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Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Last Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our very own Jeanne stars in this knitting instructional video demonstrating how to do a mattress stitch. We hope you enjoy it!

In my first few years as a knitter, I was terrified of seaming. I mean, if it can be done on circulars or double points - why knit any other way? Of course, that notion didn't last too long, especially when so many beautiful patterns that are knit flat started to show up on my door. It also doesn't help if you have fabulous co-workers on your side to teach and encourage you every step along the way! Hence, Jeanne once again came to the rescue with this fabulous instructional video on how to do the mattress stitch (a.k.a invisible vertical and horizontal seaming on sockinette stitch). Although Jeanne used the fabulous Churchmouse Turkish Bed Socks as the shining example in this video, you can apply this stitch to any stockinette style garment, including sweaters, hats, and gloves!

1. Start with both of your blocked pieces lying side by side.

1. Begin with the purl section of your work and pull your yarn through a few of the purl bumps.

2. Turn your piece around and go back the other way through the same purl bumps which locks in your end.

3. Now, place your tapestry needle through one of your corners in your knitted vertical piece and pull your yarn through.

4. Turn your piece over and start at any end you feel comfortable with (or what your pattern calls for).

5. Place your darning needle in at the corner which joins the two pieces together and pull your yarn through.

6. Weave the yarn through one stitch down, grab the two vertical 'legs', go up one row and reach in between the two stockinette stitches.

7. Grab the bar that is in between the stitches and pull through.

8. Keep working back into the bars, pulling your yarn through which creates an 'invisible' faux stockinette!

How cool is that? You now have mastered the invisible mattress stitch! Now, go on and knit some bed socks, sleeves, and anything else your stockinette heart desires!

Posted by Laura of Jimmy Beans Wool

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