Hand Dyed Yarn 101

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Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Last Updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our very own Jeanne stars in this knitting instructional video about how to knit with hand dyed yarn. We hope you enjoy it!

Our love affair with hand-dyed yarns just seems to grow and grow! As much as we adore them, we do know that knitting and crocheting with an individually hand-dyed fiber can become frustrating when there is variation from skein to skein. So, our very own hand-dyed yarn maven, Jeanne, set out to create a series of instructional videos to put those frustrations to rest. In this first video of a three-part series, Jeanne explains and demonstrates the art (and joy!) of working with hand-dyed yarns! She provides a few different techniques to try if you have skeins of the same color that differ in appearance:

  1. Double-strand! Simply hold one strand of each skein together and knit or crochet. Just make sure to check your gauge!

  2. Work two rows of one skein and then switch to the other skein to work two more rows. Keep alternating between skeins every two rows, which will blend the disparate colors with ease. Simply carry the strands up the side as you go (no weaving in ends)!

  3. In the round you can work one round of each skein. Do this by working your cast on and first round with your first skein and then join the second skein and work a round. Continue alternating skeins every round.

  4. If you want to alternate every row while knitting flat you can do so on a circular needle, cast on then slid your work back to the other end of the needle, join your second skein and work your first row. When you turn to go back pickup the working end of the first skein and work back. Then slid your stitches back to the other end of the needle and pickup your second color and work back.

  5. This same technique will apply when working with three or more hanks. Cast on with your first skein, knit/crochet with your second, and work back with the third. Pickup your first and work across with it and then turn and pickup the second. And continue rotating the three skeins every row.

Ta-Da! You are now on your way to becoming a hand-dyed master! These simple techniques work just as well for when you have mixed dye lots for any type of yarn. To learn more about hand-dyed yarns, visit our Hand Dyed Yarn Guide where you can find links to hand-dyed yarns that we carry, the rest of the hand-dyed yarn instructional videos, and additional printed resources on hand-dyed yarn techniques!

Posted by Laura of Jimmy Beans Wool

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