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How to Purl English Style

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Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Last Updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our very own Jeanne stars in this knitting instructional video about how to purl English style. We hope you enjoy it!

How to Purl English Style

There are two main styles of carrying your yarn in knitting. One is with your left hand, often called Continental or picking and the other is with your right hand, usually called English or throwing. This video shows you how to work a purl stitch English style.

The most important thing, especially for beginning knitters, is to get the right tension on the yarn and applying consistent tension. Try different methods to tension your yarn until you find a way that is comfortable and works for you consistently.

  • Cast on and knit your first row. Turn.

  • Hold your work in your left hand and your working needle in your right hand. You will notice that your working yarn is hanging at the front of your work, not behind.

  • With the tips of your needles facing each other slip your working needle into the front of the first stitch from right to left. The tip of your right needle will be in front of the left needle.

  • Wrap your working yarn counter clockwise over the top of the right-hand needle.

  • While keeping tension on your yarn, pull your working needle down and back behind the needle in your left hand, making sure the new stitch you just made stays on the needle.

  • Pull the working needle up and away, sliding the old stitch off the left needle in the process.

  • Repeat across the row or as needed for stitch pattern.

You may notice that your purl stitches are looser than your knit stitches, this is normal and with practice your tension will improve and you will get faster. You can do it!

Posted by Doug of Jimmy Beans Wool

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