Knitting in the Round 101: Joining in the Round

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Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here in the shop we see quite a few projects, and we've noticed that about half of the projects we see knit in the round haven't been joined properly. What's this? There's a right and a wrong way to join in the round? Well, sort of -- like anything else in knitting, there's more than one way to go about it -- but some ways create a more seamless join, while others give something like a curb on your cast-on edge. Maybe you've done a project in the round already (and are nodding at the curb reference), or perhaps you've shyed away from projects knit in the round because (eek!) you have no idea how to 'join in the round'. Either way, read on and learn two of our favorite methods for joining in the round!

Method One: Slip over

  1. Cast on the number of stitches your pattern calls for.

  2. With the cast-on edge pointing away from you, slide the 1st cast-on stitch (if you did a Long Tail cast-on, this is the one in your left hand) to the end of the other needle (the right needle for a Long Tail cast-on).

  3. Slip the last cast on stitch UP and OVER the 1st cast on stitch - and put it on the opposing needle (Basically, the first and last stitches are just swapping places... the end stitch from the right needle goes to the left needle - and vice versa.)

  4. Pull both your working yarn and the cast-on tail tight. Begin knitting!

Method Two: Knit two together

  1. Cast on the number of stitches your pattern calls for, plus one (ie, if the pattern says to CO 15, you'll CO 16).

  2. With the cast-on edge pointing away from you, slide the first cast on stitch to the end of your left needle, and the last cast on stitch to the end of your right needle, so both are ready to be worked (similar to the method above).

  3. Slip the last cast on stitch off of your right needle back onto the left needle.

  4. Knit those 2 stitches (the last and first cast-on) together. This will bring your number of stitches down to the correct amount. Begin knitting!

Note: when knitting in the round, you will always knit from your left needle to your right needle (just as if you were knitting on straight needles). Also, if you set your knitting down be sure you always start out with your working yarn coming off of the last stitch on the right needle. Many a knitter has accidentally begun knitting in the wrong direction when learning to knit in the round!

Posted by Laura of Jimmy Beans Wool

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