How to Join Two Horizontal Stockinette Seams

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Posted: Friday, January 23, 2009
Last Updated: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our very own, Laura (Jimmy), stars in this knitting instructional video about how to join two pieces of stockinette with a horizontal seam. We hope you enjoy it!

How to Join Two Pieces of Stockinette with a Horizontal Seam

Laura shows us how she joins two pieces of stockinette with a horizontal seam to make a nearly invisible join.

This is a great join to use anytime you are sewing bind off edge to bind off edge or bind off edge to cast on edge. This technique is most often used to join shoulders or to finish the top of a hood on a sweater.

To begin:

  1. You will need a darning or tapestry needle and yarn that matches the project.
  2. There needs to be the same number of stitches on each piece that will be joined.
  3. Line up the two edges stitch for stitch, stockinette sides up. If this is a hood you will need to fold it in half with wrong sides together. Reposition the bound off edge so that the stitches on both sides of the edge are butted up against each other and laying so that both sides of the seam are accessible.
  4. Beginning on the right hand side of the seam and on the bound off edge closest to you, locate the "V" of the first stitch - one stitch below the bound off edge and insert the threaded needle from the back of the work to the front through the center of this "V". Draw the yarn through leaving a 4-6" tail.
  5. Next, on the opposite bound off edge, insert the needle into the corresponding stitch, also from the back of the work to the front and draw the yarn through.
  6. Go back to the first bound off edge and insert the needle in the exact same place where you brought the needle up the first time except this time when you insert the needle bring it up again in the center of the next "V" to the left. You will be going under two stitch legs. Draw the yarn through leaving it fairly loose.
  7. Repeat the process on the opposite edge and then continue repeating across the seam, alternating edges, stopping to pull the stitches tighter to match your stitch gauge after every 3 or 4 stitches

When you are finished, the right side of your work will look pretty much like a completed row of knitting and on the wrong side there will be a tidy seam ridge.

That's how you join two pieces of stockinette horizontally!

Thanks for watching!

Posted by Doug of Jimmy Beans Wool

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