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Kollage - Square Circular Needles (k-cable)
My Perfect Pointy Needle 5 out of 5 stars
Kollage Square Circulars have become my go-to needle. They are fixed, and have a very flexible cable but - the points! The points on Kollage needles are just amazing. Rivaling more expensive options, I find that these are exactly what I was yearning for at the price I can afford to collect. Available in a plain matte silver finish or the Jimmy Bean's exclusive re which does not scrape off with normal use, both are amazing. The square shape fits nicely in your hands, but really doesn't distract from knitting. It also helps them not roll off of a flat surfaces if you can bear to set them down. The square shape is supposed to help regulate stitch size and evenness, but I'm so busy admiring the points, I haven't noticed a change. Joins are smooth and after acquiring many different sets, all are beautifully snag free. The flexi cable has a slight silicon style grip to it, so I've noticed a slight drag on finer yarns, but nothing that slows down quick knitting. The flexi cable is super flexible, bending straight away from the join in any direction: magic loop is a dream with this cable. I'm very happy with these needles, suggest them every time someone searches for the perfect lace point and am VERY excited each time I order another pair to add to my collection. A Great Product worth the money, which stays in the USA!
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