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Washcloths for Huck!


Made for Huck when he was still Baby Z! These beautiful wash cloths were made by Allison and knit up with Ty-Dy yarn - soft for gentle skin! Here are her pattern instructions: First you need to determine an approximate gauge. You will probably want to go with the needles and stitch gauge recommended for the yarn. Loose knitter: go down 1 or 2 needle sizes, tight knitter, go up 1 or 2 sizes. Stitch pattern: Multiple of 4 stitches plus 2 i.e., if you want something around 24 sts wide for the gauge you are getting, 24 is a multiple of 4, then add 2 and you have 26 sts. I think my washcloths were around 50 or 60 sts wide. Add for the +2 and the 6 sts for the borders. Row 1: does not include border sts described below:* k2, p2*, end k2 Row 2: does not include border sts described below * p2, k2*, end p2 Row 3: does not include border sts described below *p2, k2* end p2 Row 4: does not include border sts described below *k2, p2* end k2 Repeat these rows for the pattern. Border note: Add 3 sts on both sides of the knitting for a border going up the sides. So in the above example, you would k 3 at the beginning and end of every row, then do the patterning in between. Stitch markers are really helpful to place after the first 3 sts of a row and before the last 3 sts of a row to remind you. I did 6 rows of garter st knit every row for the bottom border and when it was tall enough, did another 6 rows of garter.


Yarn Knit One, Crochet Too Ty-Dy Yarn
Worsted (19-20 sts/4 in), Cotton, Hand Wash
Quantity: 2
Needles Crystal Palace Bamboo Single Points Needles - US 7 - 12
Quantity: 1


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