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Victoria's actually, Val's Lamb's Pride Blanket


I have purchased 10 balls for this blanket. The pattern is simply a repeat of cable pattern #44 in Melissa Leapman's book Cables Untangled. I just found what my mother, Valerie, wants me to knit her for Christmas - a blanket. This is a joy for me to do, but bear in mind, I found this out in the middle of November. Blankets can take a while, and it has to ship overseas and get there before Christmas which is basically one month away!!!
I am a pretty fast knitter and luckily I love doing large projects, but I can get bored easily and so I had to choose a pattern that would provide enough interest for me, be pretty for my mum to enjoy and not be too time consuming. My mother wants it in green and I had cables in mind for the design. I knew exactly where to look - Melissa Leapman's Cables Untangled book. Aside from the great projects in this book, she has a 'library' of cables in the back which serve as a fantastic reference. I chose a cable pattern that has one cable row out of every 12 rows and coupled with the yarn-over lace pattern, I think it is perfect for her. Lamb's Pride has the best of everything - it is quality product with great yardage, beautiful colors, a price you really can't beat and of course, it is made here at home in America - Mitchell, Nebraska to be exact. Makes me feel cozy just thinking about all that! And I haven't even finished the blanket yet... I started on November 15th and have been knitting like the wind - thankfully with Lamb's Pride Bulky on 11 needles, this is a relatively quick knit for such a large project. The current picture shows me as I begin my 12th repeat and I am measuring 32' in length, I need to be at 60' I think for a good-sized blanket. I will add two panels, one on each side of this central panel to make it wider. It is about 25-26' in width with just the central panel, and I'd like it to measure at least 15-20 more inches across. Post Script 1/9/09: I did actually finish this blanket in time to mail it to England and be received and opened before Christmas! I was in such a hurry that I forgot to get a picture before I mailed it off - but it turned out just beautiful!


Yarn Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky Yarn
In color M69 Old Sage.
Bulky (12-15 sts/4 in), Wool, Hand Wash
Quantity: 13
Needles Addi Turbo Circular Needles - US 11 - 32"
Quantity: 1
Patterns Melissa Leapman Cables Untangled Book


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