Berroco Mykonos Yarn Reviews

Mykonos is a silky blend of linen, cotton and nylon that knits and crochets beautifully, creating fabrics with amazing drape. The core of the strand is 3 plys of linen and cotton, which is then tightly wrapped with nylon, giving the yarn a ropey, yet silky soft feel. It has a lovely sheen, making it perfect for spring and summer accessory and garment projects! **Due to the delicate nature of this yarn, we do not offer winding service for it. We recommend that you wind it by hand, without a ball winder.**

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Gauge (sts. / inch):
Physical Weight:
Primary Fiber:
Secondary Fiber:
Specific Fiber:
66% Linen 26% Nylon 8% Cotton
US Needle:
Washing Instructions:
Hand Wash
Sport (24-26 sts/4 in)
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Color Family:
Color Group:
Color Temp:
Dye Method:
  Machine Dyed
Dye Result:
Fiber Type:
  Mostly Plant
Put Up:
  High Shine
  Smooth / Uniform
Twist Energy:
  Low (Drapey)
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Overall Mykonos Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4.0 based on 1 review)

Unique yarn with incredible shine 4 out of 5 stars (4 out of 5)
This yarn is unique in a couple of ways. Firstly, its wrapped construction makes it hands-down the most perfectly shiny yarn I've ever seen. Occasional irregularities in the wrapping appear but aren't a big deal. So, if you want sheen, here you go. Secondly, its firm core makes it springy not in an elastic way it does not stretch AT ALL but rather, when you bend it, it springs back. This helps it hold stitches open and makes it look good in wide stitches like five-pointed Marguerite or Galaxy crochet stitches. This also makes it good for certain kinds of decorative crochet work because it wants to hold its shape open even though it also wants to drape. So your finished project never looks limp. Stitched very tightly on a small hook, you can get it very dense and then it has really good structure, too. It can make leaves, flowers, snowflakes, that kind of thing. Any pattern that works for thread crochet I've found also works for this yarn as long as you use a small hook and work tight. Obviously, the end result is bigger than it would be with thread. It blocks well thanks to its vegetable fiber core, too. I only didn't give it five stars because of a few little things. Firstly, it was very difficult to wind, it seemed to come already tangled. Secondly, the extreme lack of stretch makes it more tiring to work with than most yarns of its weight. Finally, it is quite delicate, and the wrapping strands are so long that if you catch one and snag it, it pulls off a LONG thread and can mar quite a big chunk of yarn. I am using this to make Christmas ornaments and it works very well for that.
By Rattify on Nov 25, 2016      (read Rattify's 11 other reviews) 73 found this review helpful
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