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Scarves to Throws - Month 1 Free Knitting Pattern

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Scarves to Throws - Month 1 - Free Knitting Pattern Scarves to Throws - Month 1 - Free Knitting Pattern
I love knitting throws, blankets, afghans... I really do! I love that I can 'wear' the finished product every single day of the week - and no one gets offended! The only problems with knitting them is that they can be expensive, take forever to finish, and that, until they are finished, you have parts of them lying uselessly around the house. I certainly don't claim to be able solve all of the world's problems, but I think I might have just solved one of them here...

You've heard of 'sock of the month club', the afghan 'block of the month' club, and maybe even the 'sweater of the month club', but have you heard of the 'scarves of the month that then get sewn together to make a throw at the end of the year CLUB'? Well, now you have!!

Each month, I'm selecting a different color of Lornas Laces Shepherd Worsted (super soft, machine washable) and knitting a scarf with it. And at the end of each month, Doug (and Buddy and Wiley) will have a new, different scarf to sport around town. At the end of the year, I'll have 12 scarves (that I've reclaimed from my DH) that I can sew together to create a machine washable, super duper soft throw.

So, feel free to join me in this quest... I'll share the patterns and colors that I'm working on each month - and I look forward to hearing ideas from all of you! Just remember...
  • No more useless blocks cluttering up the house - we'll be wearing the pieces each month!
  • I've just created a payment plan for myself!! I can't resist only spending $17 a month when I know I'll end up with a hand-dyed machine washable heirloom throw at the end.
  • I'm not one to just sit down and knit 2000 yards of worsted weight yarn - the prospect scares the heck out of me (remember, it takes me a year to knit a pair of socks). By breaking the project up into smaller, distinct projects it doesn't seem as scary.... and I'll have a finished product at the end of each month! Talk about gratification.

Note: I have to tell you, I didn't realize how much the Shepherd Worsted changed shape and texture once it's been washed. As you can see from the photo above, the first section of my scarf has been blocked - meaning that I put it in the sink with a bit of dishsoap and warm water. After rinsing with cold water, I flattened it out and let it dry on my kitchen table. The edges stopped curling and the texture turned to butter. The result is incredible.
Full Downloadable and Printable Pattern Available Here
You can click on the link below to view, download, and print the pattern as a .pdf file

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View text-only .pdf file of knitting pattern
  • In pattern stitch, 26 stitches = 4.5"
Finished Measurements: 4.5 x 65 inches

We hope you enjoy this free knitting pattern. This free pattern and the associated photographs are only for personal non-commercial use and are not for resale.
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