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Spellbinders Festival 2016

Abracadabra, presto, voila: Spellbinders International Festival of Magic is on its way to Reno! We're fans of magic (hey, the speed with which we ship enormous volumes of orders is pretty magical, after all!), and we're thrilled to be supporting the Education Renaissance of Nevada Initiative, which makes educational and artistic programs like Spellbinders possible (and free to the public!)!

Join us in supporting this fantastic organization that works to inspire young minds in our local community, and then enjoy the show: on October 14-16, 2016 at local Washoe County Public Libraries and the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts, the Champions of Magic will be hosting a mind-blowing magical menagerie, feats of fanciful foolery, and perplexing performances of prestidigitation!

Yarn Magic with Larry Wilson

But that's not all, folks: to get you in the mood for magic and help you dazzle spectators with your magic skills, Larry Wilson, world-renowned illusionist and featured guest at Spellbinders, is here with an exclusive tutorial to help you tackle the trickery of sleight-of-hand magic!

In this video, Larry teaches you to use yarn to impress and amaze even the most skeptical audience, and we've conjured up a special Magic Kit featuring Cascade 220 Fingering to help you do it! Like the best masters of misdirection, we've included one bright and attention-grabbing color to draw the eye, plus a neutral shade to carry off the trick!

$5 from each kit purchased goes directly to ERNI to support community programs and events like Spellbinders, so this is one trick you can feel good about!

Larry Wilson Yarn Magic

SPELLBINDERS Magic Kit Free Pattern: Optical Illusion Mitts

Click on the pictures to download the patterns, or get them with the links below:
Rowan Felted Tweed kits -
DK version

DK weight Optical Illusion Mitts

DK Optical Illusion Mitts .PDF file

Once your dexterous deception is complete, make the yarn reappear and lend itself to another type of magic: knitting! Whip up Kristen's Optical Illusion Mitts to warm (or conceal!) your hands as you perform your hocus-pocus, or check out our Ravelry Magic Yarn Bundle for even more ideas!

And then perform real magic: teach a young person how to knit (or crochet, or sew, or do any other craft - including the illusion tricks you learned from Larry!) - enriching young minds and inspiring young hearts is what makes our world a brighter (and more fun!) place to be!

To see more of Kristen's fun designs, check out her Marinade Designs Ravelry Page!
Cascade 220 Fingering kits -
Fingering version

Fingering weight Optical Illusion Mitts

Optical Illusion Mitts .PDF file

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