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Who is Jimmy?

Jimmy is actually Laura, and she's the one on the right. Laura, and her husband Doug, started Jimmy Beans in May 2002.

The nickname 'Jimmy' came from a song by a singer named Todd Snider called 'Doublewide Blues'. In the song, he talks about this neighbor Jimmy that's so cool because he's got a blue plastic pool on the deck in front of his house. We started saying 'cool like Jimmy' and that turned into her current nickname!

While trying to figure out a name for the store, her nickname came up and we added the 'Beans' since we originally had a coffee shop as well. Since then, the yarn has overrun the store and the coffee is gone, but the name sticks!
Jimmy and Buddy!

Now you may be wondering, who are those fancy fellas that show up around the website...?

First of all, they sure are fancy. They are our dogs named Wiley and Buddy. Wiley is a greyhound and german shepherd mix and he's on the left. Buddy is a border collie and bernese mountain dog mix and he's on the right. Wiley and Buddy in the living room.