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An Educational Game of Where's Wool-do!

Jimmy Beans Wool University

Welcome to week THREE of Jimmy Beans Wool University! This week also marks our third cycle of stash-stuffing sales! All of the yarns mentioned below are between 25%-55% off! Remember: these fine fibers are only available for a week before they are swapped out!

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves: where in the wool-d does our yarn come from?! Today we will be answering that question by taking a tour around the world to find exactly where our fibers are found and what animals produce them.


Originating in southwestern Spain around the 12th century, the Merino sheep was prized for its super soft wool and played a huge role in the economic development of the country. At the end of the 18th century, this breed was introduced to Australia and they thought, "This is lovely! But what if it was softer?". So the Australian farmers got to work and refined this breed, resulting in the modern-day Merino wool that we use today! This sweet sheep is now a fully fledged globetrotter with its fleece being found all around the world, including mills that produce Cascade and Lorna's Laces yarns!


DID EWE KNOW?: Australia produces the most wool in the world! This country is currently responsible for about 25% of the world's supply of wool.

Cascade Sale

Lorna's Laces sale

Where does it come from - Alpaca
Laura with Cascade

Al-pack-a bag, because we're heading to Peru! There are two types of alpacas that produce the soft and supple fiber that we crave for our needles. Both breeds have unique qualities to their fleece and are well-beloved by broad range of crafters (including us Beans!). Our friends from Cascade are in LOVE with the soft fiber and use it to make some of our favorite bases!

The majority of what we use in the making world comes from Huacaya alpacas because they are more readily available (they make up about 90% of the world's total alpaca population!).


Huacaya (pronounced wuh-kai-ya) alpacas produce:

  • Springy fibers (natural nylon?!).
  • Crimped hair (these alpacas took a shining to 80s fashion, hehe!).

Suri (pronounced soo-ree) alpacas produce:

  • Long, luxurious locks (they look like graceful mops).
  • A natural, silky sheen (that glides over our needles like a dream!).
Each type of alpaca brings a little something special to our needles; it's like we're crafting with a cloud when we cast on those super soft strings of Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky and Eco Highland Duo!

DID YOU KNOW?: Peru has the world's largest population of alpacas in the world and 93% of that is made of up of the Huacayan breed.


Strings from Turkey!

Acrylic yarn has a special uniqueness in how versatile it can really be. Acrylic fibers take dye easily and can be made just about anywhere, making for a super vibrant and accessible yarn! Different strains of acrylic fibers can even be made in ways to make their texture comparable to things such as cotton, wool, and even cashmere (seriously, it's like a super yarn)! Turkey (which made it in the top 10 largest exporters of yarns in 2018) is just one of the places Universal Yarns mill their fibers in to give us be-ewe-tiful, high quality strings.

DID YOU KNOW?: Since acrylic yarns are made from synthetic fibers, the larvae of clothes moths aren't able to eat it (however, this doesn't apply if the acrylic yarn has a blend of a natural fiber like wool in it)!

Universal Yarns Major yarn 118 Silver Blush

Universal Yarns Major

118 Silver Blush

Universal Yarns Major yarn 120 Lagoon

Universal Yarns Major

120 Lagoon

Universal Yarns Major yarn 112 Firecracker

Universal Yarns Major

112 Firecracker

Porthole Cowl Free Pattern

Porthole Cowl


Hidden Treasure Poncho Free Pattern

Hidden Treasure


Zeppelin Scarf Free Pattern

Zeppelin Scarf


Where does it come from - Alpaca

Interested in learning more? Check out our required reading, "Beowoolf" over on our blog this week! Reading through this can help you ace your next quiz and put you in the running to win a fully loaded Namaste Maker's Train Case or Namaste Maker's Backpack! Over half of our students got 100% on our last quiz. Were you one of them?!

We're approaching the start of our Weekender pullover knit along! Cast on and follow along with us during our Facebook Live check-ins starting July 1st. Designed by Andrea Mowry, kits are available in all of our favorite Rowan yarns for us to make a super soft sweater together just in time for autumn!

DID YOU KNOW?: Due to its durability, luster, and sheen, mohair fiber has earned the nickname "Diamond Fiber".

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We're Spillin' the Beans!

Due to popular request, we are giving you an exclusive sneak peak on our next quarter's Knit Club and Crochet Club projects. Get your needles and hooks ready for these upcoming tasty treats!

Jimmy's Crochet Club Quarter Three Spoiler

Sophistication, meet comfort! This quarter's Jimmy's Crochet Club offers an elegant elongated cowl that comes to a point in the center. Using Cascade Heritage and Urth Yarns Monokrom, this project features stunning stripes and beautiful bobbles to keep you stylish and have fun as you craft it!


Lookin' to get a headstart on some crisp autumn knits? The next three months of Jimmy's Knit Club features the Scheepjes Stone Washed XL and River Washed XL Colour Pack to make a yarn-tastic rainbow poncho! This cozy project is sure to keep your needles busy and finish with a soft, warm garment ready to embrace the cold!

Jimmy's Knit Club Quarter Three Spoiler

Show and Tell!

Shibui Knits Torrent Shawl

Like a much-needed spring shower, Shibui Knits brought in a light shawl to freshen up our wardrobe! Torrent is an asymmetrical wrap knit on the bias, beginning with a section of garter stitch. With a pleasant shine and crisp feel featuring Shibui Knits Rain yarn, we were feeling right as, well, rain! The elongated chainette construction of the yarn adds a fun texture to the garment while still maintaining its beautiful drape!

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