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How to Turn a Heel

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Posted: Monday, February 28, 2011
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our very own Jeanne stars in this knitting instructional article about how to turn a heel. We hope you enjoy it!

There's nothing quite like sock knitting in the summertime when lightweight sock yarn is a much needed break from heavier yarns. For many knitters, however, turning a heel is the one part of sock knitting that keeps most people away. Nonetheless, Jeanne, our sock knitting wiz of the west, shows you how easily it's done in this instructional video! Turning a heel is not only used for just socks but for short row work, shaping garments, and even knitting stuffed creatures that require feet - like the fun monsters found in Rebecca Danger's The Big Book of Knitted Monsters! Here's how it's done:

1. Slip the first stitch and knit only half of the stitches on your needle.

2. Knit the next stitch, knit two together, and knit one.

3. You'll now have two leftover stitches on your needle but leave them there and turn your knitting around to the "wrong side".

4. Slip the first stitch and purl three stitches. Now, purl two together.

5. You'll have two purls left on your needle but leave them there and turn your knitting around to the "right side".

6. Slip the first stitch and work the rest of your stitches up to the gap on your needle.

7. Knit the two stitches that surround the gap together and knit your last stitch.

8. Turn your work and slip the first stitch. Purl across to the gap.

9. Purl the two stitches that surround the gap together and purl your last stitch.

You have just turned your first sock heel! Now you can knit all the socks in the world from cozy bed socks to hardy hiking socks! As always, please refer to your sock pattern as it may differ in instructions for turning your heel.

Posted by Laura of Jimmy Beans Wool

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