Winding Yarn into a Center Pull Ball

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Posted: Saturday, November 11, 2006

More often than not, it's the end of the day when I decide on a project and I don't have time to wind the yarn at the store. So I bring home my yarn, drape it over the back of a chair and start winding! Diane from Knitting Pure & Simple fame showed me this technique many years ago - and I've been a fan every since. Thanks, Diane!

    1. Uncoil your hank of yarn and hang it over a dining room chair.

    2. Find the end of the hank and drape it over your index finger.

    3. Using the yarn from the hank, create figure-8s around your index and middle fingers.

    4. Continue wrapping the yarn in figure-8s around those 2 fingers - and be careful not to cross the yarn over the original end of the hank.

    5. Once you've created a good sized core of figure-8s, you can start to wind the yarn around that core. I always keep my fingers inside that figure-8 core, but you can remove your fingers at this point - just remember to leave the end loose!

    6. Now that you've wound the entire hank around the core, tuck in the end and you've got a center pull ball! Viola!

So, grab a fresh hank of yarn and give it a shot - you never know when you'll need to wind it yourself!!

Posted by Jimmy (Laura) of Jimmy Beans Wool

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