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Great Gift Ideas!

Great Gift Ideas :: Tools of the Trade!
 The Finest Needles
 Prices Range From $18 - $194.40  
        Exotic Wood Needles
Wanna show someone you really love them? Then Lantern Moon needles are the way to go. These exotic needles have an unrivaled reputation and are backed by lifetime guarantees. What you purchase (and give) is mostly dependent on budget. For large gifts, you can't go wrong with an entire set of the new Destiny Circular Needles in either Ebony or Rosewood. Smaller budgets will do well with a pair of the straight needles (the most popular sizes tend to be US 11, 13, and 15 and 10" in length). All of the wood types (Rosewood, Blonde, Ebony) are beautiful - you really can't go wrong with any of them; the choice simply comes down to personal preference.
 Tools for the Traveler
 Prices Range From $49.95  
        Denise Needle Set
If your knitter is constantly on the go, consider this needle set as a gift. Airline safe, this conveniently packaged set has almost every size a knitter could need while on the go.
 Lantern Moon Needle Cases
 Prices Range From $7 - $38  
        Silk Needle Cases
Knitters and Crocheters of all levels will appreciate receiving one of these timeless cases. Not unlike a toolbox, these cases provide the ideal storage facility for your crafter's instruments of art. And, also like toolboxes, it doesn't hurt if you own more than one - and even the smallest ones have their use. When deciding which one to purchase, I'd simply decide how much $$ you want to spend - and then select one based on price.
 Bags For the Savyy Knitter
 Prices Range From $85 - $89  
        Knitter's Purses
If you're looking for a gift in the $75-$100 range, I'd suggest flattering your sweetie with a bag by Jordana Paige. Right now, the hot item is the Ocean Blue Knitter's Satchel. These bags were designed for knitters -by knitters- and therefore have loads of crafter-friendly features. Think of it as a toolbox with a leatherman and a hammer built into the side... who could resist?
 Irresistable Accessories
 Prices Range From $8 - $9  
        Sheep Tapes       Hand Balm
I've yet to meet a knitter that couldn't use another tape measure or something cute and helpful to keep in their knitting bag (i.e., the hand balm). These items are great prices and perfect to put in with a Birthday or Mother's Day card.
MORE Great Gift Ideas :: Timeless Books!
 Ultimate Knitting Books
 Prices Range From $29.95 - $38.95  

        Vogue Reference Books
The Vogue series of reference books is perfect for knitters of all levels. If the price is right, I'd start with the Ultimate Knitting Guide and then add the Stitchionary books over time. These books are so much better - and more complete - than any other books, I wouldn't worry about redundance if your knitter already has a reference book or two.
 Sally Melville Series
 Priced at $19.95  

        Sally Melville
Choose any of the 3 books in this series, based on the ability level of your knitter. For very novice knitters, you'll want to give them Book 1, but add Book 2 for a perfect gift - those 2 books together will get your knitter going... And select Book 3 for those that are ready to take their craft to the next level.
 Quick Reference
 Priced at $19.95  

        Reference Book
If you've got $20 to spend and aren't sure which books to get, I'd suggest getting this quick reference book. Spiral bound, it's the perfect book for taking on trips and stashing in your knitting bag. This book is perfect for all levels.
 Stitch n Bitch
 Prices Range From $13.95 - $15.95  

        Stitch n' Bitch
You'll get a lot for your money with these books! With a recently added crochet book, there are now 3 options from which to choose. These books are the perfect gift for the slightly younger crowd (40s and under?) and have tons of fashionable patterns as well as complete instructions. I'd suggest "the knitters handbook" for the new knitter, and then "stitch n' bitch nation" for someone a little further along.
 One Skein Book
 Priced at $19.95  

        One Skein
A new book that's been selling out over and over again, 'One Skein' has 30 projects that your knitter can complete using just 1 skein (as the name implies) of yarn in his/her stash. There's something in this book for everyone and it's pretty new, so chances are that your knitter doesn't have it yet.
 Felted Purses
 Priced at $19.95  

Felting is all the rage right now and these books have been flying off of the shelves. If your knitter is starting to get interested in other aspects of knitting - or has been making purses and other bags, then these are the books for her.