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Addi - Addi Linos Single Point
Almost Fabulous 4 out of 5 stars
I love everything about these except the points! I love the stoppers at the ends of the needles. The hearts are decorative and likable. I never could figure out why it would help someone learn to have two different colors of needles, but I've seen it recommended many times. Why? But I love the stoppers anyway. The needles themselves are supposed to be aluminum. I can't tell because they're completely coated with a substance that feels like the resin coatings that the old Aero needles used to have. Knitting slides well on them, but not so much that your stitches will bail out and escape. The size is printed right on the needle, and will be covered by your knitting when in use, but the stoppers have the US size on one side and the millimeter size on the other, so you can always see what size you have in hand. The eight inch length is perfect for straight needles. It just balances in your hand and is easy to use. If I needed something longer than 8 inches, I'd use circulars. The points are like the Addi Turbo, which are too stubby and blunt for my taste. If you like the turbo points, you'll love these. If you plan to knit something straight, like a scarf, they'll be fine, but if you need to do some increases or decreases, these are not the needles for you. If they made these with points like the lace needles and had them in more sizes, I'd buy all the sizes that were available!
By lostarts on Dec 13, 2012 68 found this review helpful
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Addi - Addi Lace Needles
The best needles from the best store 5 out of 5 stars
I ordered just an Addi Lace circular needle LATE at night. The following day, they'd put it in a padded envelope and sent it on it's way, and the day after that, it was in my mailbox in the morning. That's slightly over 24 hours. These needles have the best points for increasing, decreasing and anything other than just straight knitting! The coating on the brass tips seems to slide just as easily as nickel plated ones, but there's just enough grab to keep your stitches from jumping off the needle when you near the end of the row, or when you're doing some maneuvering with the stitches. They're my all-time favorite so far!
By lostarts on Feb 24, 2011 4 found this review helpful
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Plymouth Yarn - Encore Tweed
Encore Tweed Grape Jam 4 out of 5 stars
I made a hat/scarf/mitts set for my granddaughter out of Encore Tweed in Grape Jam last Fall as a Christmas present. This yarn is bouncy and full of life. It steam blocked beautifully, and made a gift I was proud to give. If you're on Ravelry, you can see the hat at: I'm sure I would love some 100% wool yarn better, but this is more economical and I love this yarn and can't wait to make something in the blue tweed!
By lostarts on Jul 25, 2010 7 found this review helpful
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