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Soak Basins

These basins are perfect for soaking, storage and so much more! Carrie is a 24L basin. Carrie is a fun loving multitasker. She's as happy carrying your craft projects up and down stairs, towels to the beach and toys to the park, as she is keeping your yarn stash and other stuff neat and organized at home.

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Knitter's Pride - Row Counter Ring
“Handy” Dandy! 5 out of 5 stars
This review is for the size 8 Row Counter Ring. What a great little thing! As stated in the description on the item’s sale page, it does run kinda small, which I didn’t know, so I’m glad I got the largest size. I thought mine was stuck, at first, or that it would be too tight for me to manipulate, but then I tried some more, realizing I was just a little overly cautious, not wanting to damage it before I ever even got to use it. It is GOOD that the moving parts are a little tight, because if it was too loosey-goosey, it would be pointless your place would be lost and you wouldn’t know it. This thing really is super, duper, cool, and I am really glad I got it! I feel like, the way it is designed, that even with use, over time, it would still work well, as the 2 gauges with the numbers on them are curved in a wavy pattern that nest on or in each other, to hold themselves securely in place, so it doesn’t seem like it could wear out and become loose, over time. The numbers are etched in the metal, so there is no fear of them rubbing or wearing off, over time, either. And even though it is a fairly “normal” sized ring, the numbers are large and clear enough to see really well. I am super pleased with this product, and highly recommend it. If the size is an issue, I would still recommend this product, as you could keep in on the cable, if you are using circulars, or you could keep it on a necklace, as long as it was strong...may make a length of icord for it...and/or just have it beside you with your other notions. Just don’t lose/misplace it, because it is small. So stop reading and go get you one already!
By thisisjeanett on May 25, 2018 No comments on this review yet.
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