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Earebel - Individual Headphones

Earebel - Individual Headphones
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These removeable headphones will revolutionize your knitting. They connect to your smartphone or MP3 player of choice through Bluetooth(R) so that you get all the sound quality of headphones without the awkwardness of deciding whether to wear them under your hat or over your hat. With Earebel heaphones, you can wear them in your hat! Knit or crochet multiple hats using the included patterns (or modify your own! All it takes are a couple of buttonholes!) and then pop the headphones in and out, mix and match to your heart's content.

Accessory Type:
Contents per package: - earebel Bluetooth® handsfree headset - USB charging cable (A-plug to Micro-B-plug) - Instructions for use + D.I.Y. crochet / knitting instructions for a wide variety of cap models - 2 replacement foam pads
Quantity Included:
1 pair of headphones