Jimmy Beans Wool and Burning Man - Let's get creative!

Burning Man Display Burning Man 2014 is nearly here, and it is time to get colorfully creative! This page will introduce you to some of the great yarns and fabrics available that you can use to colorize, texturize, and individualize your Burning Man experience. We hope it will inspire you to grab your scissors, knitting needles, crochet hooks and/or hot glue gun and go to town! If you have any questions or don't see exactly what you're looking for, feel free call us toll free at 1 (877) 529-5648, or shoot us an email at support@jimmybeanswool.com. We would LOVE to hear from you!

Not sure what Burning Man is? In short, Burning Man is a week-long festival that takes place in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Thousands of people from all over the world gather to create Black Rock City, a unique community dedicated to art, self-expression, and self-reliance. Many of those people pass through Reno, Nevada (also home of Jimmy Beans Wool!) on their way to and from Burning Man. You can learn more about this one-of-a-kind event at www.BurningMan.com!
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Colorful Yarns

Looking to make a splash, or need something that's still visible during a dust storm on the playa? Check out these fun and super-colorful yarns:

Textural Yarns

Color may be the obvious choice if you want to make a statement, but texture is another great way to add character to your art. These yarns are a sampling of some unique textures that are as fun to work with as they are to look at!

Ruffle Yarns

Ruffle yarns are all the rage, and pretty much synonymous with awesomeness. You have probably seen at least one or two people wearing some version of a ruffle scarf to warm their neck. While it may look complex, ruffle yarn is incredibly easy to knit and crochet with! Of course you can use ruffle yarn scarves, but it also works for decorate bikes, or adding frills to the edges of all sorts of things like skirts and shirts. If sewing is more up your ally, you can easily machine or hand sew with the fabric tape yarns like Circulo Tecido Rendado Trico. To learn more about working with ruffle yarn, check out our Instructional Videos!

Quick Knits

Need to get your project done ASAP? Then make a beeline for these bulky yarns! Ranging from Chunky to Super Duper Chunky, these yarns can be worked up in no time whether you knit or crochet. Some, like Berroco Link, you can even finger knit or crochet!

Natural Fibers

If you're trying to avoid manmade fibers like acrylic, these yarns are a great place to start. Wool is always a classic, but if you have a wool sensitivity, or prefer something lighter out on the playa, cotton, linen and bamboo also provide all-natural warmth, softness, and style.

Fabulous Fabrics

We are discontinuing our fabric section, but still have a large supply of artistic and eye-catching fabrics left here at the shop; and best of all, it's all 50% off! From light, versatile quilting cottons in colorful prints, to bold fleeces and snuggly-soft flannel, fabric is a world of color and texture all its own. Use them for skirts, bandanas, pillows, blankets, pajama pants, bags... if you can name it, you can make it!

Tools and Accessories

These tools will help you get started whether you're knitting, crocheting, adorning, or just need something to carry your project around in. And this is just the beginning! Take a look at our Notions and Needles sections to browse all kinds of crafty supplies.

Fun Free Patterns

If this page o' yarn and fabric gets your creative juices flowing, but you aren't sure where to begin, be sure to check out our Free Patterns Page, Project Log, and Instructional Videos for project inspiration and tutorials!

Seed Stitch Headband

Not only is this a super-easy, superquick knit, but the Lumio yarn used in this rad headband reflects light in the dark - so you will look cool and sparkly and stay safe at the same time!
Sparkle Bear Hat

If this supercute hat with earflaps and extra long plaits isn't the perfect reason to use pom-poms, we don't know what is... Add the sparkle from the Brio yarn to that, and it becomes night-time stylish!
Lace-Up Arm Warmers

Feeling a bit chilly but don't want to give up that cool sleeveless costume at night? These superchic and sparkly arm warmers are just the thing, and superfast to make as well!
Lolita Top

What do you get when you combine a cool furry yarn with an even cooler ruffle yarn? This total head turner of a top! It's an easy knit and totally customizable, with lacing on the sides. A perfect way to get your inner Lolita to shine...
Lumio Headband and Wrist Cuffs

This is a great set if you would like to be seen, but not get too hot in the meantime - And smaller means faster to finish with these wrist cuffs and head band. They look cool on both adults and children alike!
Mountaineer Boot Cuffs

These superhandy boot cuffs can be worn in all kinds of different ways, or even double as legwarmers - and you can make them in all kinds of color combinations, too!
Neon Jungle Cowl

If you have a hard time deciding on colors for your knitted projects, or simply like them all, this is the perfect project for you! Rainbowtastically striped, you are sure to stand out in any crowd! If you would prefer a bit less variety, this lovely cowl could also be made with just two colors instead.
Neon Jungle Hat

The matching hat to the Neon Jungle Cowl, this piece also sports an awesome pom-pom on top; make the whole hat and pompom multi-colored, or simply re-use your favorites from the Neon Jungle Cowl!
Elfin Sparkle Scood and WArmies

Looking to sparkle on a grander scale? This extra-fun and bright set will keep your head, neck and arms warm in a super cute and pointy way!
Crochet Ruffle Skirt

If you love ruffles as much as we do, and would like to incorporate more of them into your costume, look no further than this really feminine and customizable ruffly skirt. It would go great with the Lolita Top or look pretty just on its own!
Finger-Knitted Chunky Necklace

It doesn't get much more low-key than this stylin' finger-knitted necklace... all you need is a ball of chunky yarn and your hands! This would be a great project if you do not have any knitting needles, or if you want to take something creative to do on the Playa! The necklace is fun to make, and you can go wild with all kinds of embellishments!
Rainbow Mohair Armwarmers

You thought the finger-knitted necklace was easy-peasy? We can even do one better - these almost-instant armwarmers do not only look really sweet, you don't need to do ANY knitting, crocheting or sewing! All you need is some tubular ruffle yarn, a bit of waste yarn, and a pair of scissors... Almost instant gratification!
Rainbow Mohair Thigh High Stockings

If you liked the superquick-to-make Mohair Armwarmers, you will love these neat thigh highs - we sure do! You can make both patterns with just one skein of ruffle yarn to make a cool matching outfit.
Stitch Mountain Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers are not only practical, they are back in fashion in a big way! You can make your own stylish pair with two balls of Red Heart Boutique Midnight - stripes and sparkle already included! The 3x3 rib pattern is worked flat and then seamed for a quick and easy knit. Perfect for walking around the Playa or with tall boots as boot toppers!
Furry Crochet Boot Covers

Here is a nice and loose crochet-version of keeping your lower legs warm - you can wear these super-soft boot covers with or without boots, and they look great together with the Crochet Skirt!
Yarn Dreadlocks

Want to wear something on your head that is not a hat and still shows your love for crafting? Try this delicious dreadlock-style "wig". You can make it in a jiffy - either go wild and mix and match all kinds of colors and textures, or use the leftovers from other parts of your costume!
Bow Tie

For the minimalists or for really hot days out on the Playa, this is a great item to be stylishly dressed, no matter what else you are wearing. These bow ties are so quick and easy to make, you could whip up a bunch and share them with your friends!
Drink Koozie

With this fun as well as functional drink Koozie, you can dress up your cans or water bottles as well as yourself! It also helps to keep your drinks from being confused with someone else's, and makes them stay cool a little longer.
Crocheted Summer Sling

This carrier is designed to hold a bottle that is the same shape and size as a liter soda bottle. It features a neat carrying strap plus a drawstring, so you can lug it around all over the Playa - how about making different ones to match your outfits, or one to go with your Koozie?

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