2018 Micro-Brewed Recap

Beanie Bags - Project Club

If you're a "Bold Betty", inspired by powerful women of the past - and the present-day women leading the yarn industry - then the Micro-Brewed Club is for you! We've partnered with a series of "indie" hand-dyer revolutionaries to create gorgeous, limited edition colorways. Each month of the year, we'll introduce you to the work of one new dyer (a "Micro-Brewer"), one new exclusively dyed yarn, and one "Bold Betty" from history!

Ships between the 20th and 25th of the month!

Beanie Bags - Project Club

Constance Baker Motley with A Hundred Ravens

Constance Baker Motley was a civil rights activist, lawyer, judge, and state senator. She was also the first African-American woman appointed to the federal judiciary, and served as an assistant attorney in the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education that abolished segregation in schools.

Independent and family operated, AHR is known for user-friendly superwash yarn in a variety of bases. All of their yarn in manufactured in the USA, and then hand-dyed by owner and lead dyer, Kate Bacchus. They pride themselves on exceptional quality, great customer service, and incredible colors.



Beanie Bags - Project Club

Malala with Apple Fiber Studio

In 2012, Malala was shot in an assassination attempt by two members of the Taliban. The attempt sparked an international outpouring of support and Malala became a prominent activist for the right to education for women. As the co-recipient of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, she is also the youngest Nobel Laureate in history.

Andrea Evans and her husband Ander opened Apple Yarns in 2007 and appleyarns.com in 2010. From their experiences as local yarn store owners. They have gathered great insight on what customers are looking for. They use that insight to create yarn that people will love and want to knit and crochet with again and again.


Beanie Bags - Project Club

"Unsinkable" Molly Brown with Twisted Owl Fiber Studio

Posthumously known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown", Molly was an American socialite and philanthropist. She is best remembered for convincing the crew of her lifeboat to return to the debris of the sinking Titanic to search for survivors. A Broadway play was written about her life in the 1960s.

Abby had the pattern, and she had the needles, but she just couldn't find the right yarn. It was in that moment that the sky opened up and a chorus of angels spoke to her... "You could dye your own yarn!" they sang. After a year of color experimentation, Twisted Owl Fiber Studio was born.


Beanie Bags - Project Club

Frida Kahlo with Biscotte Yarns

Frida Kahlo has been inspiring artists and designers for decades. Her paintings were inspired by the artifacts and natural elements of Mexico, as well as the country's popular culture. Her work explored questions of identity, post-colonialism, gender, class, and race. Her unique surrealist style still resonates to this day.

Biscotte Yarns began as a blog, but they began dyeing yarns out of pure pleasure. After showing their work to their readers, they were quickly overwhelmed with demand for their hand dyed yarns! After over 10 years of hard work, they now have a workshop for dyeing and their own local yarn store in Saint-Bruno, Canada!


Beanie Bags - Project Club

Emma Gatewood with Downtown Dyeworks

Setting out with nothing but a pair of Converse sneakers, an army blanket, a raincoat, and a plastic shower curtain in a homemade denim bag, Emma "Grandma" Gatewood would become the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail, at the age of 67. She would complete the journey twice more, her last at the age of 75.

Lindsay has been dyeing yarn as a hobby for the better part of 10 years. In the fall of 2015, she decided to follow her passion and launch Downtown Dyeworks. Operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Lindsay takes great care to dye unique and colorful yarns that create an even distribution of color in any garment.


Beanie Bags - Project Club

Jeannette Pickering Rankin with Western Sky Knits

As the first woman to hold federal office in the United States, and still the only woman ever elected to Congress from Montana. Jeannette Rankin was instrumental in initializing legislation that would eventually become the 19th Constitutional Amendment, which granted voting rights to woman.

Kimberly Volseth and her friend, Heather, started WSK in 2007. Since then, they have grown, but have stayed focused on their hand-dyeing techniques. Kim is still dyeing her yarn in a small studio, converted from an old ranch bunkhouse, on her family-owned and operated cattle ranch in Montana.


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