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Micro-Brewed Yarns 2016: The Chronicles of Yarnia!

Micro-Brewed Yarn Series
We've been busy brewing up a brand new batch of one-of-a-kind hand-dyed yarns, and this year's Micro-Brewed Series theme is all about our next-favorite hobby to knitting: reading!

We're calling it the Chronicles of Yarnia (see what we did there?) and each month will feature three hot-off-the-press colors from your favorite hand-dyers (and a bunch new faces as well!) and their favorite fiction. It's going to be a compendium of color!

As you may have noticed, we love working with independent hand-dye companies to create gorgeous special edition colorways, but we realize that in the "Indie" dyer world, there is a huge leap between the Lorna's and Tosh's of the bunch (who we also love to pieces), and the "Micro" dyers who dye yarn on their kitchen stove or in their garage.

Each month of this year, we'll introduce you to the work of three new "Micro" Brewers if you will, with one of their lovely yarns dyed just for us! Below, you'll find all of the monthly Micro-Brewed yarns that we have in currently stock. These limited run yarns and colors will change as the year goes on, but one thing is for sure, each tasty Micro-brew is as yummy as it is gorgeous!

This year, we've pulled a bit of a switcheroo: for our special notion of the month, we've teamed up with Black Rock Mud to create a series of one-of-a-kind spa treatments, all featuring the goodness of alkaline-rich Illite clay from our very own Black Rock Desert! These gals are the true micro-brewers: the owner, Shelly, and her daughter make each batch of their products right at home using pure, clean mud (we know how it sounds, but trust us) from a single-source hot spring pool.

We still have Chicken Boots' limited edition stitch marker pouches as well, but this year, they are part of our Toshstrology series!

November 2016 - Jane Austen!

There's not much more relaxing than soaking in a warm bath with your favorite book - especially if it's a bubbly bath!

This month's exclusive notion from Black Rock Mud is a pack of Peppermint Bath Bombs: the delightful, effervescent bubbles will tickle your skin and tingle your senses with the scent of peppermint for the ultimate spa experience.

November 2016 - Harry Potter!

Need some magic for some thirsty winter skin? We have just the potion for you!

Our friends at Black Rock Mud have conjured up the Geyser Toner, a miracle elixir to say goodbye to tired skin!

October 2016 - Stephen King!

The perfect antidote to a scary story? A relaxing bath!

Our friends at Black Rock Mud enjoy a creepy tale as much as the next person, but when it comes to delicious, skin-softening soap, they really picked a great one this month with their Rose Glow Mud Soap!

September 2016 - Great American Novels!

You've got your books, you've got your yarn - now, get that warm bath ready!

Nothing's better than reading in a steaming bath, unless that bath is fizzing with the wonderful effervescence of a Bath Bomb, made with natural Illite clay by the ladies at Black Rock Mud!

August 2016 - The Micro-Brewed Series Guide to the Galaxy!

What's the perfect companion to your trusty towel? A bar of Lemongrass Sage Soap from Black Rock Mud!

Each bar is crafted by hand into a lovely layered masterpiece that's as wonderful to look at as it is to use: it gently cleanses to leave your skin soft, silky, and moisturized - and smelling out of this world!

July 2016 - Celebrate Comics & Graphic Novels!

Is summer tiring out your skin? You need a mud skin-lift! Our pals at Black Rock Mud make fantastic, purifying products for the skin using special illite clay from our very own Nevada Black Rock Desert, and here's the perfect way to test them out: the Mini Mudpot!

This mini but mighty sample of miraculous, mineral-rich clay will have your skin transformed in about 20 minutes - magnificent!

June 2016 - Favorite Young Adult Novels

What's more relaxing that soaking in the bath with your favorite book? How about a bath with bubbles?!

This month's exclusive notion from Black Rock Mud is good, clean fun, with a twist: the delightful, effervescent bubbles from the Clean as Mud Bath Bombs will tickle your skin and tingle your senses for the ultimate spa experience.

May 2016 - Alice in Wonderland

Alice isn't the only one who needs an occasional potion: that tired, thirsty skin could use a misting of Black Rock Mud's refreshing Geyser Spring Water Spritzer!

Sourced from the naturally mineral-rich hot spring pools of the Black Rock Desert, this soothing tonic will calm and heal inflamed and sensitive skin, restoring pH balance and reviving your complexion!

April 2016 - Marvelous Moms!

Every mother has her own scent, both familiar and comforting to her child; lavender is that scent for us - it just smells like home! So the ladies at Black Rock Mud have whipped up a special Lavender Soap that is just perfect for reading your favorite novel while enjoying a calming bath!

March 2016 - All Things Dr. Seuss!!

They're fizzy and whizzy, they're bubbly and fun; wait till you see what happens when you wet one! Right up Dr. Seuss's alley, we think: pure, clean fun!

We're talking about Chamomile Bath Bombs from Black Rock Mud, of course - drop one in the tub and get ready for an effervescent sensation not unlike bathing in a tub full of champagne!

February 2016 - Eat, Pray, Love

What better way to spoil yourself than with a spa treatment? Shelly, and her daughter from Black Rock Mud are delighting us with mini but mighty sample of miraculous, mineral-rich clay this month:

A mask from their Mini Mudpot will have your skin transformed in about 20 minutes - magnificent!

January 2016 - The Chronicles of Narnia

This month, Shelly, and her daughter from Black Rock Mud are taking us back to our roots with a Lake-Tahoe-themed mud soap in a deliciously fresh scent thats as brisk as an alpine breeze!

This soap will cleanse your skin and soften it at the same time, thanks to the high mineral content of the mud. Lather up!

December 2015 - Craft Cocktails

This month's special stitch marker pouches from Chicken Boots are collectible to the extreme!

Winter Village features a charming snowy scene sure to warm your heart, and Cute Cats is just that: fancy felines up to adorable antics!

November 2015 - Gamers and Geeks

As soon as she heard this month's theme, Saremy of Chicken Boots was in - and luckily, she had the perfect fabrics to make her handcrafted Stitch Marker Pouches fit the bill!

In a nod to old-school arcade games, Saremy whipped up a Pacman and Tetris pouch that's perfect for holding your game tokens, quarters, or knitting notions, and fits right in the pocket of your acid-washed jeans!

The second pouch this month is all about whimsy: Dear Deer features fanciful stag silhouettes adorned with colorful flowers! They're as charming as can be, and we're sure Bambi and Rudolph would approve!

October 2015 - Steampunk

As always, Saremy of Chicken Boots has you storing your sundries in style with a great matching Steampunk Stitch Marker Pouch!

Since not having something Halloween-y for the month of October just wouldn't be right, get one of these adorable Halloween-Themed Pouches adorned with Batty Vamps to store all of your notions, doo-dads, or a bit of candy!

September 2015 - Favorite Novels

This month, Saremy of Chicken Boots gets all mysterious with two extra-special Stitch Marker Pouches:

The Sherlock Pouch was inspired by the shrewd, mystery-solving sleuth of Baker Street, and the hero of some of Saremy's favorite novels!

And we already know that Saremy loves the Harry Potter series - keep all of your spare galleons, doo-dads, or magical charms in one of these adorable Hogwarts-themed pouches for another round of magical fun!

August 2015 - Summer Festivals

As usual, Saremy of Chicken Boots is spot-on (or, we should say, Spock-on!) with this month's special Stitch Marker Pouches!

Spock or The Big Bang Theory - either of these space-tastic designs would be right at home at Comic Con - or in your knitting bag, beach tote, or back pocket!

July 2015 - TV Cult Classics

You'll love the stitch marker pouch designs from Chicken Boots for this month: For one, you can now say for certain: there's always money in the Banana Stand, especially if you put some change in with your stitch markers!

The second pouch this month may not be TV-related, but it's an extra-special tribute to a big-screen character who's also cult favorite: Harry Potter! With the super-cheeky Mischief Managed pouches to commemorate Harry's birthday this month, we're in the mood for any mischief imaginable!

June 2015 - Guilty Pleasure Movies

This month's guilty pleasure stitch marker pouch designs from Chicken Boots are extra-cute, including one with Purple Rain on it for some girly fun, and one where all you travelers can enjoy a map of The "L" in Chicago!

May 2015 - Superheroes

To coordinate with this month's Micro-Brew colors, Saremy at Chicken Boots has cooked up two more adorable stitch marker pouch designs for us, including one using Totoro fabric, and some yummy Fruits and Veggies!

April 2015 - Fantastical Beings

This month's awesome stitch marker pouches from Chicken Boots feature two of our favorite things, Kitties and Crafting!

March 2015 - Paddy's Delights

This month's awesome stitch marker pouches from Chicken Boots are Birds with Red Trim and Bees.

February 2015

This month's awesome stitch marker pouches from Chicken Boots are Birds and Dragonfly Flowers.

January 2015

This month's awesome stitch marker pouch from Chicken Boots is Valentine's.

To accompany the January Micro-Brewed Black Bunny Fiber Luna Yarn in Eros, Brook Nico is offering a free pattern with purchase until February 21st. One skein of Luna will make the Long Island Tea shawlette and two skeins will make the Midori vest. A pattern code to download the pattern of your choice for free on Ravelry will be included with your order. (If it's not in there, please contact us, and we can either e-mail or give you the code over the phone!)

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