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Weekend with Grace Akhrem at Jimmy Beans Wool!

Grace Akhrem Triangle Blanket We are so lucky to be able to host one of our top selling pattern designers, Grace Akhrem, here in the retail shop for a full weekend of classes!

She's coming up from LA for this one occasion, so don't miss your chance to learn from and interact with one of our favorite designers!

New to Grace's gorgeous designs? Check out her garments in person, (we have her trunk show in the retail shop now!), or view her patterns online.

Class space is limited, so please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!
Saturday's classes are 3-4 hours each and will cost $50 per class.
Sunday's class will be approximately 6 hours long and will cost $75.
Or sign up for all three classes for only $150!

To sign up, we accept credit card payments by phone and can be reached at 877-529-5648!

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Saturday, May 2nd

  • 9:00 am - The retail shop will open early for a meet and greet with Grace, where she will introduce herself, talk about her patterns and her business and answer any questions!

  • 10:00 am - Modifying garments for your body & yarn class ($50)
    Together, we will take an existing garment pattern and learn how to customize the garment for any yarn choice, in any gauge, and how to create a better fit for your body.

  • 1:00 pm - Break for lunch. Local food truck Still Rollin will be here form 11:30-2:30 in our parking lot!

  • 2:00 pm - 'Short rows' Triangles, Diamonds & Squares, Oh My! Class ($50)
    Join Grace in the journey of the Triangles, Diamonds, and Squares... Oh My! Blanket pattern - in this Grace will get you started on our squares and discuss possible modifications to the size of your squares. You will learn how to make the slip stitch (which can make your seaming easier), as well as how to work the w&t (wrap and turn) in the pattern. After we have completed the first half of our squares we will move onto the second half and learn how to change color as well as how to pick up the wraps. Once we have completed our squares we can discuss possible layouts and picking up stitches and the border as well.

Sunday, May 3rd

  • 9:00 am - 10 Things Every Knitter Should Know Class ($75)
    This is a crash course in the top ten techniques that will change your life as a knitter. After this class you will go home with knowledge to not only make your life easier, but your knitting even better! In this class we will cover the following 10 techniques:, Weaving in your ends (the right way) , Kitchner stitch, Stretchy (or elastic) bind off, How to swatch in the round without knitting in the round, Invisible provisional cast on, Magic loop, I-cord, Jogless seam when striping in the round, How to carry your yarn when striping, Tubular cast on.

  • 12:30 pm - Break for lunch

  • 1:30 pm - resume "10 Things..." Class

Please Note: Spaces for the classes are limited, so please sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot!

Questions? Please give us a call at (775)827-YARN (9276), toll free in the U.S. (877)JBW-KNIT (529-5648), or send us an email.


About Grace Akhrem

                 Grace Akhrem

Grace Akhrem, a Los Angeles native, has always been artistic and crafty. She started out drawing, then painting, then moved on to photography and ceramics. Knitting and crochet was a natural progression for Grace, and it didn't require clean-up!

Grace has been crocheting since 2002 and knitting since 2003 and her fist pattern was published in 2006. Her main goal as a designer is to designs things that she would like to wear herself and she thinks others would, too.

Most of Grace's patterns are designed for the adventurous beginner or the intermediate knitter. When she writes her patterns, Grace's main goal is to make sure that its something a knitter will want to wear or make (of course), as well as make sure her patterns are easy to read, understand and follow.

Grace's patterns have been published in many books and magazines. In addition to her design career, Grace teaches locally and nationally.


Students will need the following:

  • Modifying a garment for your body and yarn choice:
    Tape Measure, Pencil (not a pen) for note-taking, Eraser, Calculator, Knitter's graph paper, Notebook paper for note-taking, Basic knitting pattern (no preference), Knitted swatch in stockinette stitch 5"x5" (blocked), Ruler (in addition to a tape measure), Silk pins (not T-pins)

  • 10 Things Every Knitter Should Know:
    Homework swatches (completed and blocked) - swatches 1 and 2: cast on 30 sts, work 4" in stockinette, bind off all sts. Swatches 3 and 4: cast on 30 sts, work 4" in garter st, bind off all sts; swatches should be knit in worsted weight yarn in a solid (no heathers) light color that is also smooth in texture (Cascade 220 is perfect). Swatches 5 and 6: Cast on 30 sts, work in stockinette for 6 rows (ending with a purl row), cut yarn, place sts onto a holder; repeat the same instructions for the other swatch, then knit one more row and place live sts onto a separate holder.
    Worsted weight yarn in a solid (no heathers) light color that is also smooth in texture (Cascade 220 is perfect), worsted weight waste yarn in a contrasting color from the yarn you chose above - make sure this is a solid color (that isn' dark) and smooth in texture; you will need about 2 - 4 yards. Size 7 U.S. needles (single point or circular, double point, and crochet hook); Chibi Tapestry needle set (green or yellow - not blue), Scissors, Stitch markers, Pencil for note-taking

  • Triangles Diamonds and Squares... Oh My!
    Color A and color B yarn for the Triangles, Diamonds and Squares... Oh My! pattern that knitter has chosen to work in for class (this can be knit in any gauge, and yarn, please make sure that you do not show up to class with a dark color or something fuzzy or difficult to see, light clean colors are best); Needle size appropriate for yarn (either single point, 24" circular needles, or double point needles with point protectors); Locking stitch markers (appropriate for needle size), Triangles, Diamonds and Squares... Oh My! pattern by Grace Akhrem, pen/pencil for note taking, Tape measure, Calculator