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January 2011 Newsletter

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

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Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      How to Check Your Gauge  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Checking your gauge may seem like a hassle, but taking the extra time to knit yourself a swatch can make a huge difference in your finished project. I learned my lesson the hard way by assuming I was better than swatching, which resulted in not one, but two sweaters that would have looked great on me... if they'd been a size and a half smaller. Long story short-thoroughly check your gauge, you won't regret it! In this video Jeanne, Empress of Everything Knitting, shows you just how easy this time-saving trick can be!

1. Before starting a project, especially when specific measurements are involved, it is important to knit up a swatch to check your gauge.

2. Most swatches are about 4" x 4". This ensures that you get an accurate idea of your gauge. Just a couple of rows, 5-6 stitches across, isn't going to cut it as edge stitches are notorious for inaccurate stitch counts.

3. It is also important to wash and block your swatch before starting a project. Often fibers will behave differently after contact with water and this can noticeably alter your gauge.

4. If your project calls for more than 1 needle size, you do not have to go through the process of creating multiple swatches! Simply knit a continuous swatch switching needles every 4 inches and mark the spot where you changed needles with a stitch marker or a piece of waste yarn.

5. Once you have blocked your swatch, use a ruler or Knit Check (such as the Susan Bates Knit Chek that Jeanne is using) to measure the width of your stitches. Remember to avoid those tricky edge stitches and measure the most even stitches in the middle of your swatch!

6. Before counting stitches, it is important to quantify a stitch. One knit stitch in stockinette stitch looks like a little upside down V with the wide part at the bottom and the pointy part at the top. To count stitches, use your ruler to find out how many stitches across fit into one inch. You can also check your gauge vertically, but this number is much less important than your horizontal gauge and has little effect on your finished product.

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Featured Kit :: The Tilted Square Baby Blanket Kit  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Tilted Square Baby Blanket Kit

Artyarns Ultrabulky Tilted Square Baby Blanket
Artyarns Ultrabulky Tilted Square Baby Blanket
Was $88.00
Now on Sale at $70.40
(up to 19% off!)

January's Kit Of The Month, the Tilted Square Baby Blanket Kit from Artyarns, is a unique, heirloom design knit in the deliciously soft Ultrabulky yarn. Machine washable with a luxurious hand that won't pill or irritate sensitive skin, Ultrabulky is hard-wearing and will only get softer with age. The blanket itself is a quick, easy project whose unique geometry keeps even the most impatient of knitters engaged. Love the design but don't see any babies in your future? No worries! Just remove "baby blanket" from the name and replace it with "throw" and you have the timeless Tilted Square Throw, adding a suave bit of hand-knit beauty to your living room or guest bedroom! This pattern is free with the purchase of the Tilted Square Kit and for a limited time the kit itself is now 20% off, making this month an excellent time to add the Tilted Square Baby Blanket to your project log!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      New Berroco  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

New Berroco Yarn and Pattern Books

New year, new yarn, new fashion!

The latest from Berroco is starting to arrive and we've got plenty of tantalizing new fiber options and trendy pattern books to get your knit on in 2011! First up is glittery Glint! This scintillating yarn consist of a shimmery metallic filament peeking out from behind delicately woven strands of a soft cotton and nylon blend. This glam new fiber comes with plenty of pattern support in Berroco Pattern Booklet - 306 Glint! Brimming with relaxed, stylish garments such as the Taana Cardigan and Uva Pullover, Glint is the perfect medium to inject some sparkly sophistication into these classy designs.

Berroco Glint Uva Pullover
Uva Pullover
From $72.00
to $124.00
Berroco Glint Taana Cardigan
Taana Cardigan
From $63.00
to $125.00
Berroco Pattern Books - 306 - Glint
Glint Pattern Book

Straddling the "new but old" genre are both Ultra Alpaca Tonal and Vintage DK. Tonal is a variation of the classic worsted weight Ultra Alpaca yarn that is dyed in rich subtly variegated hues. Ultra Alpaca's soft, even texture gains added depth from the light-to-dark variations in color, reminiscent of hand-dyed solids. Vintage DK is the cousin to the popular Vintage original and Vintage Chunky. This sumptuous yet machine washable wool and acrylic blend wears well and is perfect for a wide range of projects. Now even more versatile in this new, lighter weight, Vintage DK can be used for everything from lacy wraps to baby booties!

Whether you're a loyal fan of the Vintage yarns, or looking for a new addiction, be sure to check out the Berroco Pattern Booklet - 308 Vintage DK and Vintage! This particular collection includes patterns for both the DK and worsted weight Vintage yarns, such as the lacy Shibuya Top and the summery Honshu Pullover Top!

Berroco Vintage DK Shibuya Top
Shibuya Top
From $21.00
to $49.00
Berroco Pattern Books - 308 - Vintage DK and Vintage
Berroco Pattern
Book 308

Berroco Vintage DK Honshu Pullover Top
Honshu Pullover Top
From $28.00
to $50.60

Wool Watcher Want to try some Glint or Vintage DK at a great price? Of course you do! Keep an eye on Wool Watcher, Wednesday the 26th, to snag some of these spectacular new fibers at a price you'll love!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      New Blue Sky Alpacas Patterns  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Blue Sky Alpacas

New patterns are here from Blue Sky Alpacas! These gorgeous designs combine classic elegance, casual convenience and fresh, unique design elements. The Kaw Valley Wrap -a long, lacy wrap knit in Alpaca Silk- and the Ida Vest -a tunic-length vest with rustic appeal knit in Worsted Hand Dyes- have already proved to be incredibly popular. I'm personally a fan of Cecily's Silk Cardigan. Knit in Alpaca Silk, this short-sleeve cardi has pockets and a coy lace edging for a touch of youthful energy.

If you're knitting something for your man, consider the Men's Striped Vest. Understated but interesting, this close-fitting vest looks great on any guy and will fast become a staple in his wardrobe! Knit in the super soft and ultra warm BSA Sportweight and Melange, he will be sure to love it almost as much as you'll enjoy knitting it! And for those crocheters out there, Valerie's Cardigan is an excellent project to have in your queue for 2011. A graceful design coupled with the antique charm of this lovely cardigan make it an excellent accessory for layering on crisp spring afternoons and cool summery evenings!

We've made our favorite patterns into kits, making it a cinch for you to try out these incredible Blue Sky Alpacas patterns paired with their fabulous yarns!

Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk Kaw Valley Wrap
Kaw Valley Wrap
From $77.70
to $77.70
Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk Cecily's Silk Cardigan
Cecily's Cardigan
From $44.40
to $77.70
Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight and Melange Men's Striped Vest
Men's Striped Vest
From $73.60
to $135.80
Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Cotton Valerie's Cardigan
Valerie's Cardigan
From $60.60
to $90.90
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      New Items: Yarn, Notions, and Patterns  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

What's New?

We've got a few new yarns, patterns, and things to update you on... we hope you find the update helpful!

Vogue Knitting International Magazine Books - '10/11 Winter
Vogue Knitting - '10/11 Winter
Stylish knits for every winter activity! The Winter 2011/11 Issue of Vogue Knitting is overflowing with sophisticated pullovers for days spent in the city, cozy sweaters for those afternoons on the slopes and several stylish cardigans that can be worn anywhere! Whether you prefer casual fashion such as the A-Line Cardigan or chic urban designs like the Collared Cardigan, Vogue gives you a glimpse of the superb styles to come in 2011!
Blackforest Naturwolle Silk Blend Yarn
Naturwolle Silk Blend
Naturwolle Silk Blend from Blackforest is a plush, luxurious fiber available in a bright melange of spectacular colors. With just a touch of elegant, shimmery silk spun into the rich, warm wool, this exquisite yarn is unparalleled in depth and body. One hank is plenty for a simple cowl or 3-4 hanks for the sophisticated Bulky Shrug from Knitting Pure And Simple!
Knitting Pure and Simple Baby & Children Patterns - 111 Children's Henley Top-Down Pullover
Children's Henley Top-Down Pullover
Just in the door: 4 of the latest patterns from Knitting Pure And Simple! Your favorite munchkins are sure to enjoy the 112 - Children's Bulky Pullover, 111 - Children's Henley Pullover and, my personal favorite, the 113 - Mukluk Slippers. Both pullovers feature top-down construction and will knit up in no time for cuddly warm sweaters kids won't want to grow out of! The mukluks are also a quick knits since it uses bulky weight fibers such as the Cascade 128 Superwash or Berroco's Vintage Chunky (both machine washable)! These adorable boot-like slippers are sure to keep those little toesies nice and toasty! For those of us whose sweater size requires more than just one or two hanks, we have the 9724A - New Neck Down Pullover! A more fitted variation of the original 9724 - Neck Down Pullover, this top-down sweater is classically simple, easy to modify and a versatile addition to any wardrobe!
Katia Flounce Yarn
Katia Flounce
If you're looking for a unique knitting experience, Flounce should be at the top of your list! This texturrific novelty yarn from Katia knits up quickly into bouncy flouncy ruffles making it perfect for scarves, accessories, accents and more! Knitting along the edge of this net-like yarn produces spectacular ruffles with just the right combination of body and drape. The self-striping colorways add extra dimension to this soft, airy yarn and come in a superb palette of natural hues and bright, bold tones! Stay tuned as more colors are on their way!
Schoppel Wolle WollZauber Pattern Books - WollZauber 2
Schoppel Wolle WollZauber 2
Get crazy with WollZauber 2! This fashion-forward pattern booklet from Schoppel Wolle features their wild, vibrant fibers such as Zauberball and Flying Saucer. Keep your hands warm with the bold Flying Saucer Fingerless Gloves or add a bit of eccentricity to your closet with the Zauberball Crazy Patchwork Jacket!
Debbie Bliss Books - Beach Belles
Beach Belles
Get ready for summer with Beach Belles, a new book from Debbie Bliss! Ok, I know it is still January, but you know how time flies... and I'm ready for sunny days and warm weather :) This delightful pattern book includes several bright, summer knits with a vintage twist using some of your favorite Debbie Bliss yarns such as Amalfi and Rialto 4ply!
Namaste Bitty Bag Accessories - Black
Namaste Bitty

The Bitty Bags from Namaste are just about as cute as functionality gets. These adorable bags are a model of space management; small but with a surprising amount of room for all your essentials! Inside includes handy elastic straps to keep items in place, 2 open top pockets and 1 zippered pocket for the little things. Another zippered pouch on the outside gives you even more room for organization, the ultra-magnetic clasp keeps the Bitty Bag contents secure, and the adjustable strap is easy to wear no matter your height or length preference!
Midori Nishida & CRK Design The Beaded Edge
The Beaded Edge
If you live for the details, The Beaded Edge by Midori Nishida and CRK Designs belongs in your library! This book contains a wealth of techniques for adding beautiful beaded trims to a broad range of projects from handbags and shawls to parasols and home decor. Simple tools such as a beading needle, crochet hook and thread is all it takes to perfect just about any project with an extra-special touch!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Congratulations Contest Winners  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Congratulations Contest Winners!

Congratulations are in order for Leslie of West Hamlin, West Virginia and Marcie from East Lansing, Michigan! Kudos to you both! These two were the winners of our drawing for signed copies of Lorna Miser's latest book, The Knitter's Guide To Hand-Dyed And Variegated Yarn. Leslie was picked as our online winner making Marcie our in-store winner -proof that it is worth coming to visit us in person :) Did you miss out on this fantastic giveaway? Well, we'll be practically giving away our last signed copy this Tuesday (the 25th) on Wool Watcher, so keep your eyes on the WW pup -this deal will be gone in no time!

If you'd like to participate in future giveaways and contests, be sure to keep an eye on our blog and/or join the Jimmy Beans Wool LLE Fan Club on Facebook for more opportunities to win some pretty sweet swag in the future!

Lorna Miser

On the subject of contests, Round 2 of the Koigu KPPPM Design Contest is quickly approaching. I've seen two of the finalists' designs and all I can say is "Wow". Pictures will be posted on our blog Tuesday, January 25th. While you're ogling the exquisite craftsmanship and getting inspired for your next KPPPM project, take a minute to vote on your favorite and help us pick the winner! The KPPPM Design Champion will be announced that same Friday the 28th!

Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      Sale Update - Sublime, Sock Yarn, Buttons...  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
Lots of yarn on Sale, but we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites...

Save up to 50% on Select Patterns

We're making way for the bundle of patterns arriving in 2011, which means a bit of housecleaning is in order. Great news for you as many patterns are now on sale at up to 50% off! Choose from the timeless designs of Jordana Paige, the bohemian stylings of French Girl Knit and Crochet, the fun and funky fashion of 2 Knit Wits or the adorable Monkey Suit Patterns... just to name a few :)

Jordana Paige Patterns - Mila
Jordana Paige - Mila
Was $7.00
Now $4.90
(29% off!)
French Girl Knit and Crochet Patterns - Nathalie
French Girl - Nathalie
Was $6.50
Now $3.25
(50% off!)
2 Knit Wits Patterns - Double Rolled Beanie
2 Knit Wits - Double Rolled Beanie
Was $4.00
Now $2.00
(50% off!)
Monkey Suits Patterns - 20 Shrinking Violet

Monkey Suits -
20 Shrinking Violet

Was $5.00
Now $2.50
(50% off!)
Save 10%-44% off on select Ashland Sky and della Q products!

Hoping to stay more organized this year? Don't procrastinate! Get started today with one of the handy dandy organizers from Ashland Sky or della Q! These cases come in a variety of styles making it easy to find the perfect pack, sack or bag to keep your fiber-life in order. And at up to 50% off, there is no excuse not to get more organized in 2011!
Ashland Sky Project Pack Stick Sack Accessories - Purple
Ashland Sky Project Pack - Purple
Was $17.99
Now $9.00
(49% off!)
Ashland Sky Kit Sack Accessories - Black
Ashland Sky
Kit Sack

Was $29.00
Now $17.40
(40% off!)
della Q The Que-i Double (Style 137) Accessories - 043 Seafoam (2nd Quality)
della Q The Que-i Double (2nd Quality)
Was $36.00
Now $20.00
(44% off!)
della Q Eden Plain Project Pouch Small Accessories - Red
della Q Eden Plain
Project Pouch Small

Was $7.00
Now $6.30
(10% off!)
Save up to 50% off on Cascade!

We've got some great yarns on sale from Cascade! For those fans of chunky fibers, Bulky Leisure is a rich cotton and alpaca boucle your fingers will love working with. Available in solids and luscious muti-color Paints, this yarn is great for any quick project from cowls to sweaters! Prefer the finer weights? Take a peek at Arcadia and Arcadia DK! This cotton and angora blend is impossibly soft and lightweight making it ideal for summery knits and lacy fabrics! At 50% off, now is the perfect time to try these sumptuous yarns... act fast before they disappear!

Cascade Bulky Leisure Yarn
Bulky Leisure Yarn
Was $9.90
Now $7.42
(25% off!)
Cascade Bulky Leisure Paints Yarn
Bulky Leisure Paints Yarn
Was $12.00
Now $6.00
(50% off!)
Cascade Arcadia Yarn

Was $6.95
Now $3.47
(50% off!)
Cascade Arcadia DK Yarn
DK Yarn

Was $6.95
Now $3.47
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line Dk and Worsted: Save 50%

Each week, we'll be getting new colors of the Green Line DK and Worsted from Lorna's Laces and we'll be selling them at 50% off. If you see a color you like, grab it quickly because once we sell out, we're out! Here are a few of the colors we have in stock this week:

Lorna's Laces Green Line DK Yarn
Green Line DK - Cool
Was $15.00
Now $7.50
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line DK Yarn
Green Line DK - Carol Green
Was $15.00
Now $7.50
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted Yarn
Green Line Worsted - Zombie BBQ
Was $20.00
Now $10.00
(50% off!)
Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted Yarn
Green Line Worsted - Sage
Was $20.00
Now $10.00
(50% off!)
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
      On Our Needles...  
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters

Here's a sampling of our handiwork this month... !!

Never Ending Story Cowl
Never Ending Story Cowl
Here's another one of Marilyn's fantastic cowls knit from Cowl Girls by Cathy Carron. She decided to use Rowan's Lima yarn to knit up the Never-ending Story cowl. Marilyn has quite the eye for color blends and used four different colors of Lima: Titicaca, Lima, Bolivia, and Nazca! The alpaca/wool has made this cowl quite possibly the softest one I've put on yet, while the color work makes it eye-catching and elegant. Great job, Marilyn!
Sharon's Annabella's Cowl
Sharon's Annabella's Cowl
Annabella's Cowl has been the project to be working up here in the shop and Sharon jumped in with her needles, but with a bit of a twist. She decided to do her's upside down and I think it turned out great! Her favorite colors are in the green/blue family and so she grabbed a hank of the Madeline Tosh Merino DK exclusive to JBW's and went to work. She blended it with Rowan's Kid Silk Haze to bring out the blues in the Terrarium. She used a needle size up for the cast off edge to create a looser fit around her neck and shoulders
Terry's Hucks Hat
Terry's Hucks Hat
Jeanne's very own Huck's More Than One Size Earflap Hat has been generating a ton of buzz here in the shop! Everyone has been wanting to make their own Huck's Hat and Terry dove right in to make her honey his very own. Choosing the ultra-soft Baby Alpaca Chunky, Terry is almost finished with her project....we might not let her take it home, though, since we can't help but pet it everyday!
Amber's Heart
Amber's Heart
Amber wanted to knit up a little Valentine's Day something for her sweetie and found this great pattern on Knitty for a anatomical heart!! She grabbed her US 5 needles and one hank of the Lorna's Laces Greenline DK and off she went! It turned out so great that she is going to be doing a second one real soon! You can find the pattern at Knitty.com!
Marilyn's Honeycomb Cowl
Marilyn's Honeycomb Cowl
Once Marilyn snagged up the Cowl Girls by Cathy Carron, she's been knitting nonstop! This is her latest project, the Honeycomb Cowl. She used the Nashua Paradise yarn and it looks absolutely fantastic knit up! We think she did a great job in coordinating her colors...we can't wait to try it on!
Victoria's Kiri Shawl
Victoria's Kiri Shawl
This is a free pattern on Ravelry called Kiri. I used 2 skeins of Merino 2/6 in Ivory for this project and size 6 needles. It was super easy to get into the pattern and knit up fairly quickly!
Victoria's Citron
Victoria's Citron
Citron is a free pattern on Ravelry. It is super easy and fun to knit. I used a laceweight yarn and size 4 needles, but my Citron turned out a little small I think. I might make another one using sock yarn!
Victoria's Mara Shawl
Victoria's Mara Shawl
Well, along with many of you in the knitting world, I am in love, love love with Madelinetosh yarns. They are a delight to work with. And the colors...just gorgeous! The Mara shawl is a free pattern on the Madelinetosh website and it is a fun, easy knit. I used 3 skeins of the Tosh DK in the color Amber Trinket. I did finally breakdown and buy some 47 inch needles - this is a good sized shawl!
Jimmy Beans Wool Newsletters
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