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Team Jimmy Beans!

There's no way Jimmy Beans would exist without the help of this entire group!


Jeanne came to us when she quit working as a Paralegal and chose to pursue her true passion, fiber arts. She now has her own pattern line, Battle Born Knits, which you can check out here! She has plenty of experience running things in the legal world, so she just naturally grew into an integral part in our storefront. Always willing to do anything asked of her and a natural 'forewoman' type she has a great way of just seeing what needs to happen around the shop to keep things moving along, but will always let you know if she doesn't have the answer you are looking for. However, rest assured that if she tells you she will find the answer for you, she will!


We are so glad to have Sandy in the shop, as she keeps things running smoothly and it often seems that she is the only one who knows for sure where everything is. A former welder (yes, you read that right!), Sandy has both the technical and creative aptitude to help with all of your knitting projects. It seems like every week she's coming up with a new and inspiring idea and all of us Beans just love having her around! Sandy spends her time pulling orders while dancing and singing around the shop. She never ceases to put a smile on everyone's faces!


Terry calls herself a "Jack of all trades, master at none"... well except maybe getting close to mastering knitting. She's done a little of a lot of things but fibers keep drawing her back. At one time or another she's done everything from raising wool sheep, angora goats and rabbits, judging fibers and crafts, spinning, dyeing and knitting her own yarns! She has a deep appreciation for all things handmade with care and a passion for learning "old" ways of making things like foods, soaps, or clothes. When she's not helping customers in the store or knitting, she loves to be out in the woods, traveling, reading mysteries, sci-fi and the latest science discoveries and enjoying good food.


Erika was originally hired part-time to ship packages at night; however, when she impressed everyone with her speed, accuracy, and personality we just had to bring her at full-time! Ultra computer savvy, Erika always has a great attitude while she packs orders and ships packages at lightening speed! A graduate from UNR, Erika has helped us out in a bind in more ways than one! Originally a crocheter, Erika has now fanned out to the wide world of knitting - sometimes combining the two fiber arts into one!


Jenny recently graduated from UNR where she majored in Anthropology and minored in Art Studio. When she is not knitting, she enjoys painting, drawing, and being outdoors. In the winter, you can find her snowboarding or cross-country skiing, and in nicer weather playing soccer, tubing down the Truckee River, or up in the mountains hiking, camping, and swimming in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Before working for Jimmy Beans Wool, she worked for Nevada Conservation Corps where she spent her days building trails and camping in the Mount Rose Wilderness. It was an incredible experience and something she hopes to do again someday.


We are thrilled to have Sharon on our team with her lively spirit and amazing art skills--whether she's using a pen or crochet hook or knitting needles. Sharon is so amazing at handling difficult questions and staying calm under stress that she is currently our Customer Service Team Lead. In addition to being ridiculously nice, Sharon is also our in-store crochet expert and never gets flustered no matter how many phones and e-mails she's handling! Somehow she also manages to take classes in her free time while she works on earning her degree in Fine Art.


Leanne is a ruffle-tastic, shinning ball of sunshine with a BA in French and Economic Policy. She's also a scholarship-level runner and a talented musician. Talk about being well rounded!! On top of all of that, she knits and crochets and is one of our top yarn sleuths, meaning it's her job to find all the newest, most fabulous yarns out there so we can offer them to all of you! Leanne was the first person in the shop to fall in love with ruffle yarn and she continues to introduce us to all the most exciting new yarn trends. Sadly, Leanne is moving to Los Angeles, where we won't be able to see her smiling face every day. Fortunately, she will continue to use her yarn sleuth skills for JBW from her new home in southern California.


Kristen re-joined the Jimmy Beans crew in August 2010 after a year-long hiatus serving a second term as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for a local non-profit organization. Kristen's been knitting since she was 8 years old, but really became passionate about it in college at UNR when she was studying History and knitting hats and scarves for all of her friends. She's also an up-and-coming knitwear designer (check out our Free Patterns page!) with several self-published designs and a pattern in our book Knit Red. In her spare time (and when she's not knitting), she enjoys hanging out with her husband, Nick, and their doggie, Wallace, cooking, hiking in the Sierras, running, doing yoga and tending to her garden and chickens!


Ailene is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno, and she is so close to graduating she can taste it. She likes walking slowly and driving fast, both of which can be pretty irritating to others. Ailene is an avid Harry Potter fan, enjoys Miyazaki animation films, and sleeping. She also dominates at Tetris. Ailene fully embraces her own brand of nerdiness.


Although she started working out in our e-commerce, retail and special projects teams, Bethany has since moved over to help support the overall operations here at JBW! Bethany's hands are sure to be busy with a baby and her puppy "Little Black Dog" (Elbee for short).


Diana has done a little bit of everything here at Jimmy Beans Wool. She has worked in retail, answered phones, pulled orders and now is a part of our backorders team. A self-proclaimed sugar addict, you will often find Diana eating HoHos and drinking Pepsi for breakfast. She is a great knitter and lived in Australia for two years, where she hopes to one day go back and visit.


Jessica is one of our all-round Super-Beans, working in Customer Service and answering phones and emails. She recently graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Psychology. She is still a beginning knitter, and is currently trying to learn how to knit a cowl - but she's sure to become an expert soon with all the knitoholics on the team helping her! In her spare time she enjoys going to Tahoe, watching movies, eating Italian food, and reading.


You might know Gus from our fabric department, where he is Grand Master Poo-bah of all things sewing and especially quilting - his amazing quilted creations adorn the walls of the warehouse and get us all dreaming of our next fabric purchases! Quilting wasn't always his thing, though - he used to design and create beautiful stained glass, but using fabric turned out to be safer for his fingers! We love Gus for all of his useful fabric tips and tricks, and for the stories he tells about Sophie, his adorable Brussels Griffon.



As friendly and fun as she is fast, Marilyn is our secret weapon - this gal is a pulling, customer service, and knitting machine! We joke that she must have elves doing her knitting while she sleeps, because it seems like every time we see her, she's finished an awesome new project! A Dental Hygienist by day, Marilyn moonlights at Jimmy Beans to support her secret yarn habit (shhh...) and because she loves hanging out with the Beans. She's even convinced her daughter Carly to help with pulling and filling orders - it's a family affair!


Monika has done all kinds of different things here at JBW, and is now part of the IT team. She somewhat misses unpacking yarn and fabric shipments - she thinks it's like Christmas... Monika has become (in)famous around here for her Santa-Countdown, but working with computers is just as much fun and helps keep her yarn and fabric addiction somewhat under control. She loves knitting, crocheting and sewing, and does it all in German as well as English. When she's not doing something creative or cooking, she enjoys being in the great outdoors with her hubby.


Jenn is a native Nevadan who learned to knit in college and has been a knitting fiend ever since! After earning Bachelor's degrees in English and Spanish from UNR, she left the state to complete a Master's Degree in Linguistics at Indiana University. Now, she's back home in the desert and works in the fabric and backorders team for Jimmy Beans Wool. She is also an avid reader who loves to play board games in her free time. If you ever need to know anything about Dr Who, Jenn is our resident authority - in the warehouse, she is often accompanied by her crochet version of the Tenth Doctor!

Amanda S.

Amanda was born and raised in Reno and is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno. From her super-speedy customer service and general amount of things she can finish in a day, we can tell that she loves to run! She was also a member of the UNR Cross Country and Track and Field teams. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and is a beginning knitter.


Rachel is from North Carolina and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Anthropology and Biology. She worked as an archaeologist for six years before her passion for knitting caused her to seek out a job in the crafty world. She loves crafts of all types including knitting, spinning and sewing, which is what she spends most of her spare time doing. She also hopes to become a knitwear designer one day!


Organizing our ever-growing group of Beans is becoming quite the task, so Mindy has joined the admin section of Team JBW to help us from sliding into chaos and to support Bethany as a Beany-herder. She is great at refereeing speed-knitting contests, as she is also a super-soccer-mom (which helps a lot with all the running around she's doing in the shop!). When she isn't around to keep us organized, Mindy loves being out in nature with her kids, or restoring old photographs.


A recent addition to our new IT-team, Emily is one of our technically fearless support Beans who helps us keep that hardware and software running. Fearless also fits her outside of work, as she is an online-warrior-princess gamer and always is looking for an addition to her spider photograph collection. She loves noodles, preferably with other mysterious ingredients, and she is one of the few people we know who looks great in yellow - actually, we think she's the most stylish 'geek' ever!



A full-time student, Sam hides out at Jimmy Beans on weekends to get away from her homework... just kidding! She's an integral part of our E-Commerce team, and you can usually find her pulling and shipping orders at lightning speed. Don't get her confused with Courtney, her sister, though - these gals are each one of a kind! Although they do have one important thing in common... fabulous hair! They might even share some styling tips with you, if you ask nicely.



Shannon works with our packing, pulling and shipping team, and we are so glad to have her - she is really great at getting orders to our customers super-fast. She is currently studying forestry and knows a lot about our local flora and fauna and where to go to see it, which is really popular with all of our nature-loving Beans. When she isn't here at JBW or out in the wilderness, she is a mean vegetarian cook and regularly shares yummy recipes with our bean-loving Beans.

Laura (Jimmy)

Well, we guess you might want know a little more about the person behind Jimmy Beans Wool. Originally from North Carolina, Laura earned a Master's in Poli Sci but switched gears while earning her PhD to computer programming (a favorite subject of hers). After lots of hard work, she landed a software developing job in Palo Alto, which is where Laura met her future husband, Doug! Wanting a change from the hectic pace of Silicon Valley, they moved to scenic Tahoe where Laura started to design websites for small companies. During this time, she learned to knit and loved it...which is how Laura met Lorna - owner of a local hand-dyed yarn company. She encouraged Laura to follow her true passion (knitting!) and voila! Doug and Laura emptied their savings account and Jimmy Beans Wool was born!

Doug and Huck

Doug & Huck

We would also like to introduce you to Doug, Laura's husband, and Huck, their adorable son! Doug grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. He basically built our website and computer system from stratch and is a wiz on the computer. Doug loves to ski in his spare time and recently he went paragliding for the first time! Their son, Huck was born in 2009. This little boy has already made a splash at the shop. He loves to ski, go hiking, and eat spicy foods! A born trouble-maker, he's hands-down the cutest one of us all... well, except for maybe Buddy and Wiley - we guess it's a three way tie :)


Sadly, we lost Buddy this past year, leaving the Jimmy Beans team without either of its original doggy mascots. While we know he's happy chasing tennis balls in the Great Beyond, we'll miss his sweet face and willingness to receive pats and belly rubs pretty much constantly. Both Buddy and Wiley will be remembered as important parts of the Jimmy Beans Family!


Although no longer with us, Laura and Doug's german shepherd/greyhound mix Wiley was hands down the best product tester to date. He liked to make sure that our yarns were super soft & that they would keep him plenty warm. He will certainly be missed and will always be dear to our hearts!
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