Customer Comments and Testimonials

Our goal, at Jimmy Beans Wool, is to provide the best possible selection and customer service of any yarn store you've ever been to (or at least seen online)!! We listen to our customer comments both positive and negative to continually improve the Jimmy Beans Wool shopping experience.

The following comments were provided to us from our customers, and wanted to pass them along. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement!
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Can you believe that this package was in my mailbox this morning???? Well it was, and I was very proud of my self-control that I finished the gardening job I had set myself - installing a birdbath - before I rushed inside, made myself a cup of coffee and with bated breath opened the packed. The wool is just gorgeous - I can't believe how subtle the gold thread is! Now I shall have many happy hours sorting through the patterns to find a shawl or a wrap which does the yarn justice. I think you should add 'supersonic delivery' to your many talents - thank you as usual for the rapid, friendly service.


Thank you so very much. Your entire team are a dream to work with!!! You're the best!!! Barbara


Thanks for your great service on my yarn order. I called so that I could be helped to facilitate the use of a gift credit card. Your representative couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. And my order arrived within 48 hours! I am very happy with how close the color is to your picture too. Obviously not perfect in a photo, but an excellent color tone reproduction.
Thanks again! Donna


I ordered on Saturday and I am sitting here today Monday with my package of yarn in hand. Now that is some kind of speedy service! Thank you! Roberta


Madison...I have at various times had communications from Jeanne, Katelyn, Sharon, and Sam and now you about this problem yarn. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the attitude each of you have shown about resolving a problem for a mail-order customer. I have only been in your shop at the old location once, but the feeling I got from the entire staff, as well as a couple of customers who wandered in, was of an absolutely superior store with a top-notch staff. Since then I have ordered on-line several times, and tell my knitting friends that I consider Jimmy Beans to be my LYS...just slightly farther away than most. Please share my thanks with everyone. Della


Wow! Fantastic, quick, clear and fabulous service. I am so pleased, impressed and thankful for your fast response. Got the pattern, have printed and should be on my needles by the end of the day.

No wonder I like your website so much. Jimmy Beans has become the go to site for my daughter to find gifts for me.

I didn't know about your free patterns. I'll download a bunch of them to be sure.

Thank you so very, very much.



Thanks so much for your email and your phone message which is typical of the great customer service I've come to expect from Jimmy Beans. Besides your outstanding selection and addictive website, you guys really go the extra mile for your customers.
When I placed my order I knew it wouldn't ship until 12/22 so I'm fine with waiting- and having receipt to look forward to!


Dear Beanies:

You are awesome! I cannot believe how quickly I received the two skeins of 12 Days of Yarnmas yarn I ordered. I ordered Day 3, which, by the time I ordered it, was out of stock and the second dye job would not ship until Dec. 19. I was shocked when I found it in my mailbox earlier this week! I also ordered Day 10, and it too went out of stock before I could order it. It was scheduled to ship on Dec 29--Guess what I found in my mailbox on Friday?!

Like I said, you are awesome! May skeins of your favorite yarn rain upon you this Christmas.


Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the staff at Jimmy Beans Wool for their excellent customer service. I really wish that I could remember the ladies name that helped me earlier this week. I had a few issues with my order that was totally my fault.

When I ordered I must have put in my credit card info wrong. I called to see why my order wasn’t shipped because yall are usually so fast. I had not seen the email you sent telling me there was a problem with my card. She helped me get that worked out and the next thing I knew I had a tracking number. Then, I realized I ordered Berroco Comfort Chunky when I needed Berroco Vintage Chunky. I called and the same sweet lady was the lucky one to answer the phone, she pulled my order out of shipping cancelled it and got me the yarn that I intended to buy, and I think it will be delivered today.

Like I said this whole mess was of my making, not Jimmy Beans, but she was so sweet and helped me get everything fixed.

I just want to thank you for the excellent customer service.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!



Dear All at JBs

Now there is another thing to like about JBS. I don't just mean the fabulous service, the range of yarn, the newsletters, the fact that I feel as though I know you all even though you're in Nevada and I'm in New Zealand, that you all are crazy about yarn and that I'm not alone in the world, BUT now you've taken it on yourselves to entertain us all as well - and in a way that we can all laugh WITH you rather than AT you! YOU MAKE MY DAY - even though it is meant to be summer here, and at the moment there is a stiff wind blowing not unusual for Wellington, it's cold and raining. I shall return to my lovely Malabrigo Silky Merino...

Christmas Wishes to you all

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