Customer Comments and Testimonials

Our goal, at Jimmy Beans Wool, is to provide the best possible selection and customer service of any yarn store you've ever been to (or at least seen online)!! We listen to our customer comments both positive and negative to continually improve the Jimmy Beans Wool shopping experience.

The following comments were provided to us from our customers, and wanted to pass them along. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement!
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Good Morning Everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the staff at Jimmy Beans Wool for their excellent customer service. I really wish that I could remember the ladies name that helped me earlier this week. I had a few issues with my order that was totally my fault.

When I ordered I must have put in my credit card info wrong. I called to see why my order wasn’t shipped because yall are usually so fast. I had not seen the email you sent telling me there was a problem with my card. She helped me get that worked out and the next thing I knew I had a tracking number. Then, I realized I ordered Berroco Comfort Chunky when I needed Berroco Vintage Chunky. I called and the same sweet lady was the lucky one to answer the phone, she pulled my order out of shipping cancelled it and got me the yarn that I intended to buy, and I think it will be delivered today.

Like I said this whole mess was of my making, not Jimmy Beans, but she was so sweet and helped me get everything fixed.

I just want to thank you for the excellent customer service.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!



Dear All at JBs

Now there is another thing to like about JBS. I don't just mean the fabulous service, the range of yarn, the newsletters, the fact that I feel as though I know you all even though you're in Nevada and I'm in New Zealand, that you all are crazy about yarn and that I'm not alone in the world, BUT now you've taken it on yourselves to entertain us all as well - and in a way that we can all laugh WITH you rather than AT you! YOU MAKE MY DAY - even though it is meant to be summer here, and at the moment there is a stiff wind blowing not unusual for Wellington, it's cold and raining. I shall return to my lovely Malabrigo Silky Merino...

Christmas Wishes to you all



I want to tell you how pleased I was with my purchase last August. I don't remember her name but the bean helped me with my choices and this Madeline Tosh Button Jar Blue helped me create this shawl. The yarn was wonderful.
Thanks you sweet little bean.


I just received my order and wanted to tell you how impressed I was that the patterns were sent in page protectors. Whenever I have single sheet patterns I put them in sheet protectors and into my three ring binder and this just saves me the inserting step! Thank you so much. I will definitely be a returning customer.


You guys at Jimmy Beans Wool are the best! There are a bunch of yarn shops near me in PA but I would rather buy from you guys! You are always so helpful and I love your news letters. Just had to say that. Have a great day!!!


Today I received my order of 2 skeins of Malabrigo in VAA from you. I was really dreading getting this order because I am trying to work them into a very dark dye lot I have had 9 skeins stashed for 2 years !! ...anyway, THANK YOU for reading my message to you and sending me the darkest you could find !! I will definitely be able to work with them. Mine is predominantly dark blue and I can barely see the dark green. What I received is really richer and more vivid but still in the same colorway. Since I had already started my project the Einstein coat I was hoping to work alternate rows with the new and old yarns. I can do that !! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for me. That is just one more reason I have to keep coming back and also to let my yarn group know about your superb customer service.-Karen


Dear Jimmy Beans,

Thank you for being so thorough in protecting my yarn before shipping.

I was on vacation when my yarn arrived. I was thrilled to have it when I got back! Sitting at one of the tables in the family business, I tore open the Priority Mail box, pulled out the plastic mailing envelope and then the clear plastic bag that held eight gorgeous skeins of Lamb's Pride bulky.

After admiring the softness and stunning colorways, I carefully repacked the box, just like you had before sending it to me.

My husband needed the table for unpacking a shipment. So, I set my JB's box aside. After helping unbox the shipment, it was time for me to go to my office at the university. Later, I headed home and discovered I had forgotten to grab my yarn!

No worries, I thought, my husband could bring it home with him. Right? A quick phone call brought tragic news. He had taken the box out with the trash! With a promise to call me right back, he went to check the dumpster.

He could not see the box. I was heartbroken.

Undaunted, I grabbed a couple flashlights and headed back to our store. Of course I was torn between tears and cursing the love of my life for not noticing the box he had tossed out was far from empty. I mean, really, it weighed at least three pounds!

So there we were, in the dark, with flashlights and a broom handle, trying to fish my box of yarn out of the dumpster. It was a challenge, but we did it.

The box was soggy and stank to high heaven. But thanks to you wonderful people at Jimmy Beans, the yarn was protected from damage and stinky dumpster funk by two layers of plastic.

In time, we will look back at this as the Great Yarn Debaucle of '14, and laugh. In the meantime, thank you again. You saved my yarn. You may have saved my marriage - or at least my husband's life - and you saved Christmas.

Jimmy Beans is amazing.




Thank you so much for your excellent customer support! I had trouble with my paypal and had contact with a very helpful individual over the course of 24 hours who helped me fix the problem! No mysteriously cancelled payments, no guessing as to when my package would come - just great communication! I will definitely be coming back to order from JBW again! Jessica


I just want you to know how pleased I have been with the service you have provided. When the color I requested was not available, you contacted me with options to fulfill my order and expedited my request. I am very happy with the yarn and plan to order from your company again.




A note to say Thank You for such quick and efficient service. I ordered my items 3 days ago and received my order just a few minutes ago. Again THANK YOU.

A very pleased and happy

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