Go Green Corner

Whether curiosity brought you to this corner, or you're like me and have a serious soft spot for polar bears, we're glad you're here. Going green is much more than just buying organic, these days it's about reducing our footprint in all areas of life. Reduce, reuse, recycle now has new meaning for knitters and crocheters as eco-friendly yarns, needles, and notions are becoming readily available. We'll help you make your next project as green as can be with tons of project suggestions just as luscious as their less-than-green counterparts of yesterday.

  • Renewable fibers like bamboo, corn, and soy reduce our footprint because they require less water to grow, grow more quickly and require less land to grow on, and are often the byproducts of the food industry.
  • Organically grown yarns reduce the environmental impact of growing, harvesting, and washing the fibers because no harmful pesticides or chemicals are used in the process. Organically grown yarns may not be organically dyed, but they're definitely a step in the right direction!
  • Recycled yarns are eco-friendly because they're made from the byproducts of the textile industry. You'll find these in cotton, silk, and other fibers often found in commercially produced textiles.
  • Sustainably harvested wood or bamboo reduce deforestation (yes, those tiny little double points can make a difference!).

Nut, corozzo, and recycled glass buttons are fun and earth-friendly alternatives when adding the finishing touches to your projects!

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